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PACIFICA MORTGAGE / CHEATERS- THEY mis represent me in my short sale

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In the year of 2008 I listed my house for sale with Pacifica Properties. It was known at that time that it was going to be sold as a short sale.
The first buyer we had, Pacifica’s processor sent a ‘HUD-1’ sheet to the lender with the termite report on it showing the costs of termite related repairs on it. It also had a request for a ‘home warranty’ with a price cap on it. This is to allow the sellers lender to examine what the lenders costs are going to be for the short sale to go forward. In this short sale I was not going to be able to pay for ANYTHING! I was living on the last of my savings!! The agents Dave Clark and Michelle Goodwin at Pacifica knew this from the onset that this was a short sale and I was broke.
That first buyer went away, but the escrow remained open while we worked to find a new buyer.
The next buyer bought the property.
However, this time Pacifica prepared the HUD-1 and it did not have the termite costs on it nor were the home warranty cost on it. Hence the bank never saw these costs, and never agreed to cover these costs, or even say that they weren’t going to cover them all. If they had, then we could have made other arrangements. At the last minute I was informed of this, so no other arrangements could be made. I got charged with these costs because of their mistakes. The TC, Nicole Potter or Michelle Goodwin, working for Dave Clark appears to not have very much experience in the short sale transaction. There was no time to make any other arrangements. There was a trustee sale date 5/15/2009.
Then they said we had to come into the escrow office with money/chasier check or money order to pay for the termite, home warranty and some additional cost of 1890.30. So we had to borrowed money to pay for these additional costs that was not disclosed us and only part of this was disclosed in the HUD.. Please see the totals.

$3944.00 (termite $1654.+warranty $400.+ other exp that was not disclose to us $1890. This company has mislead us and did not perform, miss represent the DRE.
I have called this company many times besides the date listed but no response or reply. They refuse to talk to me or my husband. So now we are turning to you for help. Its not right for representatives of the real estate department to take advantage of the people especially the ones in such distress like loosing their
home or life long savings or investment. Please help us.

Note : this case was not dismissed in court, we cancelled it. And I Rajkumarie never worked for this company. My husband did but not any more. These people lies to make themselves look good. But they did the same to my friends (Kevin and Jessica Smith).

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  • Kr
      10th of Oct, 2010
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  • Co
      8th of Feb, 2011
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    I witness this whole event happen. I do not work for Pacifica Mortgage, but I cannot watch this slander and complete misrepresentation of facts. Greg Betchol (now with Century 21) was a real estate agent that attempted his own short sale (which his knew was illegal). When he find out the bank would not pay him commission on his own short sale, he lost it. Pacifica Mortgage did every thing that they could to help this family. They tried to play Donald Trump and took down a bunch of Real Estate, got way over leveraged. Greg Betchol protested Chase with big signs (he was the only one). Then he protested in front of Pacifica Mortgage's company in an attempt to extort money. The broker of record invited him in, and they both talked about the situation and it seemed the problems were over. Well not for Greg Betchol who decided to protest in front of the company (by the way, he wast the only one again). After refusing to be strong armed into paying Greg Betchol money, thing eventually went to court. Greg Betchol never showed! His attempt of extortion was stopped and now he's still at it with slander. Again, I don't work for Pacifica Mortgage but I used to. They are like family and would never intentionally harm anyone, especially their own agents. Guys like Greg Betchol putting people in bad loans, just like they did to themselves, are the reason why this market is melting down. I hope the new financial regulation gets rid of these type of fly by nighters. I guess if you have no problem with lying on your mortgage application to get over-leveraged, well you most likely have no problems about lying on the world wide web. What a joke, beware of this man as your agent.

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