Pacific Dreams / Bait and switch

1 Lahina, HI, United States

When we sat through the presentation ( quite skilled and professional ) we were impressed by the selection of services we would have available to us. They went through (their ) lap top and we viewed various destinations in the USA and abroad. We saw selections in Ca we usually visit and noted the tremendous values on the screen, alas we purchased 6500+, what suckers we are. When we arrived hope and looked through the web site we could not find any values as we saw on their laptop and many areas did not have any services ( resorts, hotels ) we saw on theirs. When we attempt to request services for trips we receive no reply and they have no evening or week end staff to assist. It appers to me that they have laptops programmed for sales purposes only and the customer has no access to the same information. Pleae no not buy into their scams

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