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Riverstone Residential Group is a sleazy, dishonest, and uncaring management company. These people had one good manager in the entire two years that I lived there. He was a man, and he only stayed for a few months. The rest of the managers were female, and for the most part 5 out of 6 of the women managing our apartments was terrible. New managers would come on board every six or less months, and knew nothing about the history of the tenants. Some of the worst neighbors would manipulate the new managers, and turn them against the better tenants.

The damage that I experienced was: 1) Broken car windows the first year. 2) Urine all over my porch furniture which came from the porch upstairs. 3) Loud and constant noise from upstairs until 5:00 a.m., at times. 4) Glass bottles shattered all over my porch (from upstairs). The contents of a vacuum cleaner bag in front of my front door (from upstairs). 5) My vehicle was kicked repeatedly over the course of six months (at night) with foot prints left on it (no cameras and no security). 6) My second vehicle was dented while being keyed repeatedly (no cameras and no security). 7) Out door plants that I had were killed by someone pouring substances on them. 8) during the winter months I'd live with, and breathe smoke pouring into my apartment from other units (drugs and cigarette smoke).

River stone Management took no responsibility and no steps to stop the destruction to me or my property. They were informed about the smoke (I have asthma), and they did nothing to correct the problem, nor did they care. Management did nothing in regards to the neighbor upstairs. Management took photos of the broken bottles and vacuum cleaner contents), and a maintenance man said to me, " you must have done that to yourself". That was the attitude.

I'd asked to move to another unit after my porch furniture was urinated on, and I was denied. The woman upstairs was so manipulative that she, her parents, and the same neighbor that was keying my car convinced management that I was the problem. The woman was permitted to move to another unit.

[ The upstairs neighbor moved to an apartment with loud neighbors above her. What comes around goes around, in that case, in part ].See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Albuquerque, NM

The very old carpets in the hallways were urinated on, spit on, vomited on, trash was dripped and spilled on them, dogs pooped and peed on them, kids threw gum on them, and they were left to remain in that condition. In two and one half years my carpets were cleaned only after the hallway flooded from rain.

At one point immediately after signing a six month lease I was called into the office for supposedly cussing out a maintenance man. My only cuss words were, "oh crap, no telephone wire", and that is what I said to the maintenance man. I'd ordered internet and couldn't get any help with hooking up a connection. The manager (Theresa) said to me: "you can sign a 30 day notice if you want to, so I did, and I thought that she rescinded the 6 month lease". Immediately after I found another apartment ($50 in gas driving around looking for a place, and $25 background check spent) she informs me that I am being held to my six month lease, so I lost $75. These are the kind of games managers at Riverstone Residential group play with peoples lives.

Regarding my car being vandalized: I had to park it blocks away from the apartment complex in order to protect it (for months), and when I would park it out front (I lived in the back of the building, and couldn't see my vehicle) the woman across the hall from me would see it, and key it, while walking her dog past my car during the daytime. Riverstone Residential said that I couldn't prove it, so the woman persisted in doing that. I had no remedy for solving that problem. I have moved out.

It's been 5 weeks since I moved out, and I received a telephone call (a voice mail) from some company called Greystar. The man said that I owe money to Arioso, and it has something to do with damages or costs from moving out. I've read other reviews about Riverstone management charging people up to $32, 000, something like that. The most common complaints are charges of $900 (plus, or minus a few). People are claiming fraudulant charges by Riverstone, and all sorts of improper and illegal things being done to tenants.

At least three of my neighbors claimed that they were robbed by maintenance men of $100 bills (from drawers, and purses), at those Arioso apartments in Albuquerque. Riverstone management did nothing about it.

Jan 09, 2015
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      Jan 20, 2019

    This company is still trying to charge me for cleaning the apartment. The issue is that the manager working there back then (she was fired not too long after this) wouldn't give me paper work for a third party that I needed to give them, in order to pay my rent. Therefore I didn't pay the last months rent. That months rent was taken from my deposit, but then they charged me for cleaning. It was the managers fault that the rent didn't get paid. I should have gotten money back, but that manager created a damaging situation.

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