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Ostling and Associates


Bankruptcy attorney

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Ostling and Associates
United States
these guys are total jacks. I paid for my case in full and was told we could do filing in a week. They never return calls, they increase fees from what is advertised, which were also paid right away. Here we are nearly a month and a half later, and I have to babysit them to get the paperwork sent in for credit counseling.

Every step of the way I have had to contact them, call multiple times... If you don't hound them, nothing will get done.

I could have easily done this on my own in this amount of time. I chose a lawyer to get it done in a timely manner. I will never recommend them to anybody. just plain horrible.
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A  11th of Sep, 2009 by    +4 Votes
I am so fed up with Ostling and Associates I gave them a thousand dollars cash to file my case and I havent had a dang thing done..I gave my money to Kari Reed a support staff that came to Quincy IL offices months ago and I still have no out come on the process of my case.Kari Reed is affiliated with Ostling and Associates in Springfield IL..I am ready to take legal action on Ostling and Associates for fees that have been paid in full for something that they have neglected to file..This as been going on for over 4 months now..I will never deal with this fly by night law firm again. Its sad to see that a law firm like this would take your money and run..I haven't gave up yet I will either get my case filed or I will get my thousand dollars back. Ostling and Associates is a pitaful law firm that takes advantage of us poor people..Remember that name Kari Reed Beware of her...No good law firm...And YES they do not return your calls they just want your money and say screw you..REMEMBER KARI REED SHE IS AFFLIATED WITH THE SPRINGFIELD BRANCH OF OSTLING AND ASSOCIATES JUST BEWARE..
D  23rd of Oct, 2009 by    -5 Votes
I used to work for Ostling and Associates and Kari never went to the Quincy office or the Sprinfield office. And I can assure you they are not a fly by night company. They have been around for years and I am pretty sure they file more bankruptcies than anyone else in the state. Most of the time the problem clients were the ones that didn't turn their paperwork into us. In the time I worked there, there were maybe a few complaints a month and thousands of clients. I liked the ratio. I would of remained there, but I decided to go back to school. If I had to file, I would trust them and no one else. I am sorry your experience was bad, but again, I think you are in the vast minority.
D  5th of Nov, 2009 by    -5 Votes
I got laid off last year and needed to file bankruptcy and my parents had used Ostlings years ago, but I still wanted to look around myself for the best attorney at the best price. I used superpages.com to find Ostling reviews and found many good ones, so I decided to go with Ostling & Associates. And I am glad I did. The legal staff and attorneys were very nice and helpful and made us feel very comfortable throughout the entire process of filing our bankruptcy. The process was clearly explained to me and our bankruptcy was filed in the exact amount of time they said it would be. It took us about 4 weeks to get our case filed simply because we didn't have all of the money up-front to file and took advantage of their manageable payment plan. I would recommend them to anybody.
D  12th of Mar, 2010 by    -6 Votes
My fiance goes through Ostling currently, and he has had nothing but great praise for them. He went and saw them in October and it has taken him this long, only because he didn't have all the money up front. The only issue he has with them is that they aren't at the Decatur location m-f, they have made sure to explain the process to him in depth, and they have walked him through everything/forms he has had to fill out, if he was missing something, they showed him exactly how to obtain that information needed, they are a great group to work with, and even though I am not filing, I would, in a heart beat recommend them to anyone who was even thinking bankruptcy was the path they were going to head down.
N  16th of Mar, 2010 by    +5 Votes
I also used this firm. One year after my bankruptcy was settled the city took me to court for my house. They said it was a hazzard. I told the judge I had filed bankruptcy and it was finalized.The company (Citifancial) said they didnt know anything about it. Ostling messed up the paperwork, so Im still financially responsible for the house. Its going to cost several thousand dollars to bring everything up to code. Using this company I might as well have flushed my money down the toilet. Ive tried for twom onths to get Justine to call me back, she never does and no one else from thier office seems to be able to handle it. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME & MONEY!!!
D  17th of May, 2010 by    -6 Votes
Ostling & Associate files over 3, 500 cases annually and has over 7, 000 active files. Over the last thirty-six years our ten attorneys and forty staff members have handled over 100, 000 bankruptcy cases. Each month we receive hundreds of thank you notes, thank you telephone calls and thank you hugs. Because of satisfied clients we have grown to 20 offices and we are now the LARGEST BANKRUPTCY ONLY LAW FIRM IN ILLINOIS. Each of our kits that are given to clients contain two letters. One is a Message to Clients and the other is Service and Satisfaction. Both of these letters invite dissatisfied clients to contact me personally in order to allow me the opportunity to correct problems.

I do not know if the complaints listed here are other attorneys posting negative comments while they pose as a "client" so they can get the business or truly dissatisfied clients. If they were dissatisfied clients, they did not contact to try to resolve their problems by contacting me.

We have a commitment to excellence and we will use our best efforts to resolve the issues. If any client has any issues, questions or concerns, I invite them to contact me directly. Thank you.

Lars Eric Ostling
Attorney at Law
A  28th of Sep, 2010 by    +5 Votes
Lars is a totle jack [censor], I have seen him yell and go into fits of rage, he treats his employees like crap yelling and calling them names. As a former client I have see first hand what an attitude this man has, flys off in front of clients, he really could use anger management.

As far as the "Service and Satisfaction" he could care less, he will never call you back and after the first visit you are stuck with his mistress justine who is an idot.
A  28th of Sep, 2010 by    +5 Votes
I saw Jessica Austin a legal assistant who gave me legal advice, she told me to pay property taxes on a home so I could stay in it until it was foreclosed on, I was letting go, glad I got a second opnion from another REAL lawyer, taxes did not need to be paid to stay! Almost cost me 2000.00!
A  29th of Sep, 2010 by    +2 Votes
As a former employee all clients are numbers, ALL this firm cares about are numbers. Each month Eric Ostling sends out a statistical sheet showing how each legal assistant and attorney performed for that month and totaled how the firm did compare to other firms filings. As an employee you need to meet those numbers to advance, that means ignore clients and move on to the next one, no time to take calls or answer questions about their case. And after the initial attorney meet and greet you will never be able to contact that attorney again unless there is a mistake in your case and they need to get more money from you. If the numbers are down watch out, Eric Ostling will yell and have fits of rage, all of the employees will scatter and avoid him, he will get in your face and poke you in the chest to make his point; basically assaults his employees, in fact he has had charges made with the police to that effect. He really has no idea what is happening in the firm from day to day unless there is a real problem, and most assistants will hand it off or try to hide it because they do not want to get yelled at. Almost every day some legal assistant is crying because he made them feel like nothing, but they keep working for him and make excuses for his behavior, like a battered wife, it is sick. The place is not run like a law office; in fact you are told it is a business first and numbers rule. REMBER IF YOU USE THIS FIRM TO ASK WHAT NUMBER YOU ARE. The office has a revolving door of attorneys, legal assistants, support staff and especially receptionist, he treats them the worst because they are required to be at their desks always and can not hide. He will yell at them in front of clients and makes them seem like they are not important and worthless, when they cry he gets even worst like he enjoys seing them cry. This was the worst job I ever had; traveling was nice because you did not have to deal with the main office and all of the crazy policies that change all the time, but not worth my mental health and wear on my car. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS, OTHER FIRMS WILL DO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE THEY ARE SMALLER AND CAN GIVE YOU THE PERSONAL ATTENTION YOU PAY FOR.
N  5th of Oct, 2010 by    -5 Votes
That last post was obviously from someone who performed his job poorly. Obviously, a smaller law firm will not have the experience of a larger law firm, and while you may get more personal attention, you are going to need it to fix all the problems due to the inexperience of the smaller firm.

I have known Mr. Ostling for many years, as both an employee and a client, and can tell you that he has never assulted any employee. However, customer service is of the utmost importance to him, and when this former employee mishandles a case so poorly, to the detriment of a client, which is contrary to this high-quality standard, any boss would get upset and address that employee. To be clear, this ex-employee was not addressed because the number of cases he filed were low, he was addressed because he did not provide the quality of service that is to be expected from Ostling & Associates. I am sorry to all those clients whose messages this former employee ignored, but can assure you that is not the policy of the firm and, in fact is the exception. With the large number of staff, availability of office locations and appointment times, the customer service at Ostling & Associates is second to none.

Don't worry former employee, when you need to file bankruptcy because you can't find another employer who has the compassion and willingness to deal with your ineptitude, I am sure Ostling and Associates will take over your case after your small-time, inexperienced attorney fumbles it up.
A  10th of Nov, 2010 by    +5 Votes
Lars Eric Ostling: You have a lot of nerve coming on here & TRYING to defend you and your crappy staff! I know someone personally who just recently quit your SO-CALLED law office. She was told to lie to clients about their paperwork. She said your office is nothing but a paper mill & the reason you have had so many clients - isn't because you are GOOD - it's because you are a paper mill & don't give a crap if things get done properly. She also said you treat your employees like [censor] & it wasn't unheard of to see the police there or to see employees crying because of the way you treat them. You make me sick! You & your staff screwed up my reaffirmation paperwork on my mortgage & now thanks to you & your staff - my mortgage company won't report my loan to my credit report. You have had numerous complaints and you still keep treating people like crap. Well, fact is - you won't keep getting by w/it & you WILL BE FOUND OUT! You screwed me out of $1, 000!
D  12th of Nov, 2010 by    -5 Votes
I am just a client who became concerned that my paperwork was taking a little longer than I had anticipated and so I looked up the Company number and found this site. I don't agree with these posts the receptionist was polite and helpful and contacted my Attorney with my concerns. Less than a half hour later she called me with my docket number and told me my paperwork was on the way. I should have known better than listen to the posts of disgruntled former employees and should have had more faith in my Attorney. Sites like this can do alot of damage to a good companies name and to that end I would just say I am pleased with Ostling and Asssociates and whereas I have never met Mr. Ostling he can be proud of his staff.
D  15th of Nov, 2010 by     Best Advice +6 Votes
If it looks like $#!+ and smells like $#!+ IT MUST BE $#!+, just like this firm. It would appear that the complaints are all about how bad this firm is, they will lie to you and only care about the money. The only positive responses are from the owner and current staff, the above seems very suspicious, like it was written by LARS THE LIAR himself. I direct you to my first paragraph, remember that they will lie to you to get your money.

This firm did the same thing to me, failed to file my reafirmation on my truck and the bank took it, I only had 15 payments left and I would have owned it. Ostling said they would fix it, I called daily and the legal assistants (legal [censor]) said they were working on it. Then the repo man showed up at my work and took my truck, my foreman said someone is towing your truck, I had to leave the line and try to stop them, they said sorry call your attorney. I was very embarased having my truck taken at work and called the firm immediately, they said everyone was busy and would call me back in an hour. I called a few hours later when i had a break and again the whole staff was to busy to talk to me, it was almost 5:00 and I knew no one would call back. I called back the next morning and was transferred to a legal assistant who did not even work in the office I went to, she was useless and transferred me to the “reaf team” and some kid said “he would talk to the attorney and get back to me”. I said I need a call back today as I work second shift and start work at 1:00 and need to get my truck back today. I called a few more times and was told they were waiting for a call from the attorney and someone would call me. I had to call a friend to give me a ride to work because again no call back, i did not want to loose my job and could not make calls at work anymore from work. The next morning I called again and was told that because the bank did not send the reaffirmation papers they did not get filed, I told the kid that I signed them and gave them to the attorney in court, the bank DID send the papers, I signed them and THEY FAILED to file them. He seemed confused and finally after much argument he found them in the file, he said the attoreney did not give them to him in time, the attitude was oh well it is too late now to file them because your case is closed and that I should call my bank and work something out. WHAT! I need to call my bank and figure it out? Is that not why I hired this firm and paid the extra 100.00? WHAT A JOKE. Again I direct you to my first paragraph, remember that they will lie to you to get your money.
N  3rd of Dec, 2010 by    +3 Votes
This place a failer to comunicate with the peson paying them salaeries (us clients). wes call and get transfered to a voice recoder that be full and no able to leave no message. I call back wasting more my time and them recptionst send a text mesage of some kind that no ones never respond to. wes just needed to no if they get my paperwork that I send least three times and no one can answer simple qustions. When wes started we was working with a nice mans in Kankakee office who alwys called me back be he leaf that place now fo some reasn, wes now we got this girl whos boobs be bigger then her branes she be flrtn with my man and I be like no u didn’t he my man, Since she take over she be loosen all my papers n stuff, first time she losed my papers and was like you just need to get anther orignal copy of your taxs and male them to us because the odther man loosed them, so wes make a trip to my hwitt jackson, pay more moneys and send them off in the male. The second timz shes trien blame me like wes never sent them in nor nothin even thou thay updated the papers in my filez then she be acetd like I took it from their filez when they was not looking nor somthing. The 3 time they just sayin they nevr gots it; must be a problems with my male services. I was like yah surez my male gets loosed all the time i do not by that I think you just loosed it again. I feel like thems catle being hearded through a mazes waiting on my turns to be killzed. To working with thoses peoples not been no fun at all, they do not seem to carez abut a personal level at all, it is like they have heared it all before and are robots going through the cicles of them days. As odthers had sayed just stay away from these place, they just wants to steel yous moneys.

D  10th of Dec, 2010 by    +4 Votes
I copy this from internet shown how bad this place be.


Ostling firm are the attorneys of record for the Debtor. They were responsible for appearing and representing the Debtor at the February 12 hearing. Although they apparently retained a substitute attorney for the hearing, when that substitute failed to appear, they bear responsibility for the consequences to their client. Here, the Ostling firm not only failed to appear but also failed to have even the most minimal of professional procedures in place to deal with the possibility that a substitute attorney would fail to appear. Clerical staff at the Ostling firm is apparently trained not to allow calls to be put through to attorneys in the office and further instructed that, if callers become too pesky by repeatedly calling, the remedy is to hang up the phone. This Court has heard numerous complaints over the years from clients of the Ostling firm and from creditor attorneys that calls placed to the Ostling firm are never put through to attorneys and are never returned. Such a policy is unprofessional at best and, as was made painfully obvious here, extremely detrimental to the clients of the Ostling firm. The failings of the Ostling firm do not, however, support vacating the order of dismissal in this case. Mistakes were made by the Ostling firm in failing to appear and failing to have adequate procedures in place to deal with calls from the Court. Attorneys cannot conduct themselves as poorly as the Ostling firm did here and then expect the Court to fashion a remedy for them so that they can avoid exposure to their own clients. The Ostling firm bear the responsibility for their failure to appear and the resulting dismissal and must answer to their own client. The Motion to Vacate Order Dismissing Case will be denied. This Opinion is to serve as Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law pursuant to Rule 7052 of the Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure.

See written Order.

The third case set on February 12 where the Ostling firm failed to appear was in the matter of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, Case XX-XXXX. A Motion for Relief from Stay filed by Santander Consumer USA, Inc. (“Santander”) with respect to a vehicle loan was scheduled to be heard. The (client attorney) XXXXXX had filed a written response to the Motion for Relief from Stay indicating a desire to enter into a repayment agreement to cure their default. Santander’s attorney stated during the telephonic hearing that he had prepared just such an agreement and forwarded it to the Ostling firm but had been unable to get any response to his proposal and, therefore, wanted to prosecute his Motion. In the absence of an appearance by the Ostling firm for the (client) XXXXXXXX, Santander’s Motion was granted.
A  17th of Feb, 2012 by    +4 Votes
I am not sure who is posting the positive comments but I am here to tell you this firm SUCKS!!!.. they do not return phone calls, hang up on you, and lie to you. I have had nothing but problems with them. They are so busy you are only a number, I have been told "I am too busy to deal with you now" Heaven forbid if you should question anything they are doing, Using them was the worst thing I could have ever done. I set up a appointment with Mr. Ostling to complain.. he listen, but made no effort to apologize or ask what he could do to make things better. DO NOT USE THIS FIRM!!! If you talk to "real" people who have used them you will hear the truth.. not the crap on here!!
N  6th of May, 2012 by    +4 Votes
I meet with Michael Blissenbach of their staff at their Rockford, IL office the first of March was told that the TOTAL COST WOULD BE $969. This consisted of their fee of $550, $306 for the Court filing fee, and $100 for the surrender documents for the home. At that time I PAID THEM $500 in CASH and was given a receipt for same. Their receipts are nothing special and do not bear the firm name or another indication of the Ostling Firm name and I am sure that this is a ploy that they planned carefully in that these are available from ANY OFFICE SUPPLY SOURCE. Thus they can CLAIM THAT THEY NEVER WROTE IT!!! I sent the next 6 weeks playing phone tag. Never getting beyond their telephone BOILER ROOM, they kept sending me to a voice mail, NO ONE WAS EVER available. I finally left a MESSAGE April 20, 2012 THAT ON MAY 1st. I Wanted EVERYTHING READY and I was given a 10am appointment. On May 1 @ 9:15, I finally receive MY VERY FIRST AND ONLY RETURNED PHONE CALL from Mike telling me that NOTHING HAD BEEN DONE YET and that he would give it to his legal ###... the following day to get started. I told him I had hired someone to bring me to his office based on the previously scheduled appointment that was given to me and that they WERE already on their way to pick me up. I was told it would be a TOTAL WAISTE OF TIME for me to come as HE HAD NOTHING READY and had not EVEN STARTED IT. I told him that since I was already committed to pay for the ride I would be PICKING UP EVERYTHING AND WANTED MY DEPOSIT RETRNED TO ME AS THEY HAD PROVIDED NOTHING BEYOND THE ADVERTISED ""FREE""" initial consultation. When I arrived I WAS GIVEN THE DOCUMENTS THAT I had done but was told that a check would have to be sent from their MAIN OFFICE. Today I was able to find their MAIN OFFICE PHONE NUMBER and called inquiring about the refund check and when I should expect it. The lady???? who answered was EXTREMELY RUDE AND TOLD ME THAT THEY had just received the documents (an obviously a lie as these are in MY POSSESSION) and that I Wouldn't receive the REFUND FOR MY DEPOSIT minus their HOURLY FEE for ANY WORK that had been performed and hung up telling to NEVER CALL THEM AGHAIN!!! WHAT WORK???????? the did nothing. The FIRST MEETING IS ADVERTISED AS FREE -- If they plan on charging me THAT'S FALSE AND MISLEADING ADVERTISING AND THAT IS FRAUD!!! FRAUD IS A CRIMINAL FELANY!!! As I had already done ALL ON THE LEG WORK MYSELF. I went ahead and purchased the software myself and am filing PRO-SE it will only me the Court filing fee of $306 plus the $50 for the software program and my friend can also se the software to do his. I am turning this over to the Illinois Attorney General's Consumer Fraud Department alsong with copies of ALL RECORDS DOCUMENTING EVERY PHONE CALL I MADE. Let All join together in a class action against this ### bucket. Begin by filing a complaint at the Illinois Judicial Review and disciplinary board website. https://www.iardc.org/index.html and filing a complaint form with the Attorney General's Consumer Frauds division.
A  15th of Aug, 2012 by    +3 Votes
My Son filed a chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2009 .In 2010 the city of Decatur and wells Fargo pulled a fast one stating that the papers were never filed by Ostling and associates. When my son called the office the office mgr. Susie called the Bloomington police dept and they filed a harrassment suit against my son .It cost him an additional 600.00 for Ostling. In his Decatur office sits Jeffrey Abbott with cocaine on his desk and no attorney priviledges for 6 months as he has lost them. But the ardc and the ISBA are still letting him work for Ostling. This guy needs to be stopped the only reason the gets by with this ### is because he is paying somebody off. Maybe somebody needs to send these letters to the bar association. Now that would be real justice. On top of being called a low life because he had to file bankruptcy in the first place. Maybe we should all meet at Mr. Ostling office in the dark some night.
N  15th of Aug, 2012 by    +2 Votes
Hey Lars if you really wanted to help you would have done it by now you low-life SB.!!!
N  15th of Aug, 2012 by    +3 Votes
Hey Lars if you are that busy how do you find time to read all of the negative comments that are on here about you.Oh I know why because you don't work like an attorney that cares it's all about the numbers. Come talk to me Lars I bet you will be the one crying when its over looks like you are crying right now with your comments.

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