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My name Anatoly Sverdlrn. 321 Grandview Terrace Anderson, SC 29626 E-mail: [protected] Phone: [protected].
To Whom It May Concern:
Dear Sir or Madam. I resive so much repeated garbage information, from that, calling him “Sales King”, Henry Gonzalez of Opulent Items. Only false and deceptive information. Four times that. “Sales King”, sent me false tracking information. Than that King of lies inform that crate was damage and sent photos, them he change his information states that some body else merchandise. We offer him to send independent surveyor for inspection, he supply false warehouse address. On demand remit money he states that he will hold that sofa in storage in defiantly, but I MUST accept this damage and delayed merchandise. No refunds. See only one mesage and analyze false and deceptive information, which I received from “Sales King”, Henry Gonzalez of Opulent Items.
Please assist retrieve the money.
Best regards Anatoly Sverdlin

Mar 14, 2013
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  • He
      Apr 20, 2013

    Good afternoon

    Mr. Sverdlin's accusations are 100% false and we are convinced he misunderstood most of our messages due to English not being his primary language (please review his post to see what we are inferring). We had simply informed Mr. Sverdlin that we had experienced 2 damaged deliveries with other customers (pictures attached) during the same time he ordered and that we were temporarily postponing the delivery of this merchandise until we corrected our packaging preparation. He interpreted that news as if his own merchandise was damaged and that we were postponing the delivery in order to repair his furniture, which is a completely inaccurate interpretation.

    Additionally, we have fully documented all of Mr. Sverdlin's offensive accusations along with evidence disproving his numerous claims. We could not attach the document as this platform only allows image-based uploads, but we are very happy to share the documentation with anyone who wishes to review it.


    Henry Gonzalez

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  • In
      Sep 10, 2014

    I ordered a sofa from Opulent Items on the 16thof December 2013 at a cost of $2835.50. The delivery period for the item per Opulent’s web site is eight weeks on average, which would make the expected delivery date 10th February 2014. Having not received themerchandise nor any correspondence from the supplier by the 24th of February 2014 (10 weeks after the order) I contacted them to find out what was going on. I was advised that there were problems with quality tests on my item and that I could expect delivery on the 21st of April (18 weeks after the order). Again having not received the merchandise nor any correspondence from the supplier by the 24th of April 2014, I enquired as to what was going on. This time I was advised that the
    shipment was rescheduled for the 11th of May 2014. At this point I did not trust that I would ever receive the sofa and initiated a credit card charge back. With Paypal as the intermediary, the supplier did everything in
    his power to block the chargeback. After many emails, telephone calls, stress, anger and anxiety I finally got refunded on the 19th August 2014 (8 months after paying).

    During the entire ordeal, I dealt with Henry Gonzalez, who I believe is the owner of Opulent Items. I believe this is a one man operation because Henry is the only person one could possibly contact at Opulent, whether it be by phone or email. He is an individual with questionable business ethics and absolutely no concern for his customers. My advice is to steer clear of doing business with Opulent Items.

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  • He
      Sep 24, 2014

    To whom it may concern,

    My name is Henry Gonzalez (I am the representative cited in the customer's review) and I have uploaded two critically important facts that Mr. Pillay, the customer, does not mention in his post. Below are 2 summaries that explain the 2 facts that have been attached to this reply. Please pardon the length of this reply, but it is necessary to carefully state the facts so that consumers are accurately informed.

    The 1st attachment factually demonstrates how I was unable to refund the customer due to the fact that he initiated a credit card chargeback against us. As you can see within the attachment, our credit card processor simply does not allow us to refund orders that are being disputed because we simply do not have the customer's money in our account (the customer's credit card company provides the customer with a temporary credit while the dispute is being investigated). I shared this fact and screen shot with the customer repeatedly, but he still insisted that we could refund him although our credit card processor's policy on this was clearly stated in writing. Additionally, he writes within his post that I was personally doing everything in my power to block him from recovering his funds. I beg you to focus strictly on the written fact that the credit card processor DOES NOT ALLOW refunds on orders that are being disputed (since the customer's credit card company provides a temporary credit while disputes are being investigated). Again, you are welcome to see this for yourself by viewing the attached screen shot that was taken from our credit card processor's website.

    The 2nd attachment factually demonstrates how I refunded this customer a total of $400 on 2 separate occasions in an effort to compensate him for the inconvenience. I think this is important since he is personally calling me out for being unethical and having no concern for customers. Sadly, he does not write about the compensation nor the transparency within his complaint.

    Ultimately, we take responsibility for the order's delay. These delays sometimes occur during the production of custom furniture, but it is still our responsibility to meet our promised delivery time. We apologize to Mr. Pillay, the customer, but we urge the public to please recognize the facts that we stated within this response. If anything is unclear or if the attached documentation is not readable, please feel free to directly contact me (my contact details are below) as we take consumer satisfaction very, very seriously.

    Henry Gonzalez

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