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Ken Kasowitz is a rapist and the instructors sleep with him
My abuser's name is Ken Kasowitz and I don't know how he is related to optionetics. He keeps grabbing at my clothes and my private parts both in public and in private, and has also has put ice down by chest at the dinner table in front of other students and last june, in addition to sexual harassment, he had his fist on my face and forced me to look into his eyes. He also mentioned I shouldn't be there. Every time he finds me somewhere, he asks me why I'm there. Why do I have to answer to intimidation and threat? My body responds to trauma in a very specific manner and this has happened both times ... first time I took expired medication to stop it, this time my trauma symptoms visibly continued for 4 months.

I purchased their 2 day class and a lot of the other classes. After having taken their classes and coaching several times, an instructor tells me I still don't know the subject matter ... and every time I attend a class the instructors harass me.
Optionetics keeps calling and sending emails to sell me their products, but the instructors do keep harassing me and lie to me when I ask a question or give me incomplete answers.
I got sexually assaulted twice (2006 and 2011) at their OASIS and the instructors keep gossiping about my personal issues both in class, in my presence and in my absence outside of class.

Recently, an instructor, Nick Gazzolo, discussed me in class with his front row students, he refused to answer my questions and gave me a chest pain in class; and when I went to Oasis (their super summit), sent my abuser to assault me again. He and the others discuss me with my abuser all the time and my body is traumatized. The first time I purchased a coaching class, the instructor wouldn't answer my questions at the end of the session. Some instructors ask softly, what did she ask, all instructors mention Ken in some form or other while looking at me and intimidate me. Due to this assault my body is traumatized."

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      9th of Mar, 2012
    Optionetics Classes - Optionetics Education is George's PP
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    In class, the instructors just think about and talk about what is in their pants:.

    Peter Axe cannot stop his Viagra jokes on certain students, it could be that the poor guy just has to have viagra all the time, . So, he takes his frustration out on his students w/ comments like " are you having a viagra moment here?, etc".

    George can't stop his PP jokes

    & there are some who are so inappropriate

    & some are so unprofessional?.

    It is a students, if we don't like you, "you Don't open your mouth in class";. We only teach to people we like!. Others, we lie and mislead/.

    I've got vague and misleading answers from even my favorites, and lied to, etc by some:.

    Some of them can't stop at one night stands.

    They are not even teaching anything useful like some of the other companies do. They cannot even guarantee the success of their elite students, the students really don't get that much out of the courses that they cannot find or learn elsewhere and if a student comes up with a really important question that they are struggling with, they are subdued or lied to or given a vague and incomplete answer, which it is eventually found for free on the internet!

    There is sexual harassment and verbal abuse on students both in class and outside.

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