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Option One Mortgage / Illegal actions

1 United States

My friend told me it would be a good idea to contact the a news station hoping to expose a mortgage companies predatory ways, and to possibly get help saving our home. We are getting no where with our mortgage company. It breaks my heart to see so many American's going threw what I'm going threw, but my story is different.

Our mortgage payment was $859, with taxes and insurance included, and our payment went up, without warning, to $5, 200. because of an escrow shortage. The escrow shortage was not due to our usual taxes and insurance. We had an abatement at our house, and the county came in and knocked down some buildings on our property, that were unsafe for use. It cost us $22, 000. The county collects it in two installments, the same way property taxes get paid.

Here's our problem, we notified our mortgage company, when we got the loan that we would pay it, I went down on the very 1st day with a check for $12, 000, and tried to pay them. But they informed me that it had already been paid. Almost a year and a half go by, and we didn't here a word from our mortgage company. We called, and called, and they told us there were not such advances.

June 2008, I called again, and finally someone said that they see it, but for us not to worry, they would spread it out in 48 months, and our monthly payment would change only a few hundred dollars. In July 2008, I almost had a heart attack when I saw the statement said $5200. Right away I contacted the mortgage company, didn't get any where. Kept on trying and trying. I was told, 'I see the problem, but I don't have the authority to change it. Then we were in default.

You see, when we applied for the loan, they knew what our monthly income was. Not only that, they were suppose to start collecting it in 2007, payments spread out to over a time of 48 months. It would take us 3 months of our paychecks to equal one payment. Not only that, we wouldn't have any money to take care of any other bills.

We tried to get a loan modification, which we got letters from our mortgage company, saying we were qualified. Only to be denied, because of our home owners insurance...get this, all of a sudden our insurance company refused to cover our house, because our house is over 60 years old. But this mortgage company found someone who would cover us, but it would cost of $3000/month. We reapplied and still got denied. How can this be legal.

The original foreclosure date was March 3rd. We still have our home, Thanks to a law firm that tried to modification. for us but were told the same stuff, and got the run around. Now we got a new foreclosure date, in 10 days, the mortgage company accelerated it. I don't want to lose my home. If anybody knows anybody or anything that can help me, please contact me @ weiss. [email protected]
I want to put out there, if you have a loan with Option One or A. H.S. M.I. a word of advice, GET OUT OF IT, and go with a company that is willing to work with you. THESE PEOPLE WONT!! What they did to me should be against the law. Now I have to file bankruptcy. I hope I can find a solution soon, and I pray for all the people in the US going through the same problems as I am. Hopefully there will be some relief soon.


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