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Option One Mortgage / Scam and cheating

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I have desperately been trying to get a Release of Lien for a Property I paid off over 4 months ago. I called and talked to someone from India, I think. I was on hold, transferred, and spoken to like I was ###ed or something for over and hour. I am used to this unfortunately from everytime I have called them in the past year or so. I was told by a mortgage broker what to do so I informed AHMSI what I needed.

I asked to have my release of lien sent to me. I was then informed that I had to send a fax with various pieces of info on it and my signature. I did this several times over the next month or two and still had not received anything. Not a call or any response by mail or email. I gave my former address and my new one as well as new phone #'s because I had moved recently. I had already given this to them on other occasions but they always ask to update my info like they have never heard of it before. Still nothing.

I then called a few more times. Same thing, another day. Hold, English please, transfer, hold, what did you say?, I already gave you that info many times, hold again, and on and on and on. Another hour later, nowhere, no info. no one knows anything. I am tired, frustrated and getting nowhere, AGAIN!!! I finally send the info by mail, forget faxing. Let's try the old fashion way. Over a month now and still nothing.

Another call to them. Guess what? They want me to update my info. It is the same as the last 3 times I called. Is that all they know how to do? Why would it be so difficult to get a Release of Lien on my property that is paid in full. They did send a letter the month after it was paid off stating that fact. When I talk to them they say it shows that it is paid off in full several months ago. So why won't they just sent the stupid paper to me? HEEEEELLLLPPPPP Please, someone, anyone, but be from the USA!!!

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  • Va
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    Someone help all of us... option one now American home mortgage are taking our homes deliberately. They must be stopped... America has gone to *** in a hand basket with the overseas reps controlling us when they cant even communicate with us... their way or no way OK.

    This company will cause the housing market to get worse no matter what plan is set forth. We need help and if anyone reading this that knows what to do please help us as many of us at at a loss. Maybe we should get a letter to the president i am starting with our governor.

  • Al
      10th of Feb, 2009
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    The normal process for loan payoff is when the last payment is made and the loan is paid in full, the mortgage company then prepares the loan for closing by sending it to the loan payoff department. This is when they verify that all taxes are paid and that the title is clear. There are a number of things that can go wrong in closing a loan for example if they check and the taxes have not been paid and there is not enough or no escrow to pay it the mortgage company will ask the borrower to pay the amount to successfully close the loan. If there are any fees that have not been paid will have to be settled before closing. The one that stands out most often is a broken chain of title. This means that when the loan was sold from one mortgage company to another, somewhere along the way the title information was lost. The mortgage company now try and trace back the title chain to clear up the problem. That may be what your mortgage company is doing, but depending on the level on knowledge of the customer service rep you get, they may not know this process. If you paid for a title search and title insurance when you closed the loan then you may be OK if the title was not transferred properly. I would say call the title company that closed your loan and ask them for help and information. Call the county where you pay taxes on the property, they may have some information for you as well. In many states when the loan has closed the mortgage company will send the final closing documents to the county office where the property is located.

    Hope this helps.

    Al Smith

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