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Opacmare -

Summary line: opecmare misrepresented their product as to work on our new bertram yachts. Their crane clearly did not resulting in damage to new yachts.

Complaint description: opacemare informed us at the 2006 ft. Lauderdale boat show that their cranes were rated for bertram sportfish boats. We purchased two cranes at 16,000 ea plus installation. Opacemare personannel was present as their dealer - aa mabru, maimi, installed the davits. Opacemare personel told us that the units were properly installed and tested.

After we recieved the boats, neither crane worked property and we noticed that the boat decks were leaking due to cracks from the opacemare equipment.

We were instruced by opacmare's dealer to remove the untis and send for a full reund. We removed the units and shipped them from panama to opacmare. Opacemare refused to take the cranes out of customs and after more then a month, we had to ship them back to panama at our cost. Then we were notified that to ship them back to the dealer, where they sit today.

Opacmare personel were dishonest with us at every step and we are out the amount of the useless cranes, shipping, repair, etc. After many months of them promising to "inspect" the cranes, they refuse to take them back as they say they are rusted due to the prolonged time they sat idle.

They also clain that their dealer - aa mabru, who installed the untis under opacemare personel did not do a proper install. Opacmare personel did the supervision and testing, so this is not the case.

Resolution sought: i would like them to refund the amount paid for the cranes, repair and shipping. They and their dealer, aa mabru, told us on numerous dates that they would refund the amount of the cranes if we would fix the damage that was done to the boats. They did not hold up their end of the deal.

We are out 51,000 in everything.

Date Problem Started: 12/08/2006

Date of Transaction: 11/15/2006

Amount in Dispute: $51000.00


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