OOkisaTrial is a Fraud and Scam

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I ordered this trial product which frankly did not do anything for my hair - I actually had to throw out the stuff you are suppose to spray on your hair at night. As with others, my cost of $5.95 for shipping and there was no mention of any trial period. A month later I have a charge for $89.95 on my cc. I called the co and they told me it was for a trial period and since I didn't return the product within 30 days they had the right to charge me for it. They said they would issue me a full credit - let's see if I get it. I doubt anyone who is looking to scam someone will live up to their word.

No where is this disclosed. I am disputing this charge with my cc company - who in their right mind would pay $90 for a hair product. Beware consumers - these people claim it is not a scam!


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      Jan 08, 2010

    The same thing happened to me. As soon as I got the package with the letter, pretty much telling me that I joined a club to continue to get the product, I was ticked! I immediately call and told them how I felt. The girl on the other end said that I could send it back. I thought, why should I go through the bother and expense. I did not joing anything. I just thought I was getting some small samples to try the product. Once, I told them that I was going to call the Better Business Bureau, she backed off and told me to keep the product and forget the charges. I also called Ebay, where I found this in a banner, and left a message for their marketing dept. I told them what a scam this was and felt they should take it off their website!
    This whole thing was ridiculous.

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      Mar 09, 2010

    Wow! I liked the product and wanted information on how to buy more...never knowing it was a scam!!! I immediately called the 877.466.5472 phone number and "canceled" my "membership." The girl was very polite and helpful...she tried to reduce the price to about $30 every two months which would have been acceptable, but I won't do business with a scam matter how much I like their product! I'm going to return the empty containers after I use my (cough cough) FREE sample.

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      Feb 18, 2011

    Another victim here, please don't click their website! It stated only the sample but I got the full size of them. The shampoo is ok but not worth $89.95( I only use the conditioner & the serum once) and their website never mentioned about the actual cost back to last Dec. I just found out the charges from my cc statement and called for refund, the rep. only agreed $50 refund that I refused. Also, after reading some complaints here, even customers returned the products but the co. claimed that they didn't receive it. I can't believe this kind of scan can happens in this country, the co. is as crook as our dirty politicians. I called to my cc co to concern the return, they told me that I should get the tracking # and with signed signature from receiver, so they would help me to get the fully refund. Later, I called Ookisa again for the return info, this time the other rep agreed to fully refund to my cc. Please remember don't click their website, forget abt this products!

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