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I have been a Premium member at OLS for two years. I pay to use both the sweepstakes listings and the forums. When Brent, the owner, started charging membership fees, he created a business. And when he created a business, he created customers with expectations. One of my expectations was to be able post in the 'moderated' forums, free from verbal abuse and personal attacks. I also had an expectation that the moderators would fairly and evenly apply the rules of the forums. This has not been the case.

Many members over the years, myself included, have had to leave the forums, and before our paid memberships have expired. A group, which includes some of the original and/or long-time members, gang up to bully, cajole, intimidate and verbally abuse new members who oppose or question their ideologies. At the moment, this is going on the political forum, but it spills over into just about every area of the forum. Members are targeted for attack, sworn at, ridiculed, and eventually driven off the site. The discourse is hateful and malicious. Members who leave are sometimes stalked online. This has happened in cycles over the past few years.

The moderators and owner not only allow this to happen, but sometimes even encourage the behavior with an uneven and seemingly arbitrary application of the rules. Abusive verbal attacks are allowed to stand. When a new member tries to explain or defend, they are often ignored, suspended or banned. Members are not allowed to question the decisions of the moderators. When a member tries to contact the owner, Brent Riley, to complain or receive clarification, calls and emails go unanswered. He is, in fact, absent for weeks at a time.

When one pays for membership in a business, it is reasonable to expect customer service. It is reasonable to expect that the moderators will adhere to the clearly posted rules without bias or prejudice. It is reasonable to expect the forums will to be a positive, rather than traumatic, experience. It is reasonable to expect to be shielded from personal attacks and animosity. However, this is not the case at OLS.

Do not assume that if you pay for a membership that you will be afforded any courtesy or be treated fairly, when it comes to the forums. The sweepstakes are very well-organized. They are also available for free at other sweeping sites, should you not want to pay to be personally attacked and bullied.

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  • Ma
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    I don't personally know this person but I agree with terance. It is a paid sweepstake site that has a forum. If you don't pay the premium price, you will get advertising and no access to the "premium" sweepstakes. These premium listings are available for free access on other websites so there really is no need to pay anyone. I would recommend passing this website by and go to the kinder and gentler websites. Their forum is very unhealthy for your emotions and your mind.The forum has moderators that do not enforce the posted rules. It is suppose to be a family oriented website but I would not let my children ever go there. I clicked on a video link one time and their was a naked women dancing around in it. There was no warning on the posted video. There is foul language, sexual conversations, sacrilege, blasphemy and harassment that is allowed by a group of regulars who are on every day. Some of them follow members around for the purpose of mocking and harassing and the posted rules are not enforced on these people. I also was stalked to a different website because I happened to use the same user name on the other website, which was a mistake. This website shows no tolerance for people of differing beliefs than the owner or moderators. If you ever join, make sure you do not get involved with the forums because you will subject your self to humiliation and verbal abuse by both members and moderators if your opinion, no matter how how polite you state it, does not match there's. There is blatant censorship and deletion of posts. If you ever need to contact the site owner, you'll have better chances of hitting the lottery than to get a hold of him. He does not answer emails on the contact form posted. There have been people that have posted their sweepstakes win on this website and have been reported to the sponsors in an effort to get prizes taken away so don't ever post your wins or your personal information on this website. Once you join, your posts and profile pictures will remain there if you don't delete them before you are banned. I have not been banned but I know this from talking to other members who have been.This is just a warning to be careful. There are many free sites out there with much kinder forums.

  • Sw
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    If you want to enter sweepstakes on a free site, go to: It's new site, but growing.

  • Vi
      27th of Aug, 2012
    0 Votes - AVOID and run away
    United States


    This is a RIGHT WING run website that bans Liberal/Democrats from their site. If they find out you're a Democrat/Liberal/Progressive they'll ban you and even if you've paid for their membership!

    AVOID and run away.

  • Ia
      15th of Sep, 2012
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    I have been a long time member of and have NEVER encountered the above complaint. In fact, it regularly links to the Obama campaigns sweepstakes to win tickets to Obama events. This complaint is completely without merit.

  • So
      21st of Jun, 2018
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    @iainswife I have been a member of OLS since 2003. Like any site, there are trolls and those with questionable integrity, but I have had very few problems with the forums. The sweepstakes are very well organized. I can't imagine a site that is better organized. I have disagreed with some of the mods' decisions of late, but not enough to leave. In fact I recommend the site to friends and family often.

  • Un
      27th of Nov, 2018
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    On November 23, 2018, I renewed my premium membership. My membership expired that same day, even though the date of expiration was 11-23, which usually means the membership goes until 12 midnght, then expires.

    I had tried to renew three times before: once on October 23, 2018, and twice in November 2018. I got no response and kept getting emails that my membership was due to expire on Nov. 23. finally I asked for a refund for all three times I had submitted to Paypal AND PAID FOR EACH SUBMITTAL because I was still getting "reminder" emails that my membership would expire Nov. 23.

    I attempted to renew on Nov. 23 after I got my refund for the three premious attempts (that had no results!). I applied for my renewal to paypal and was sent an emal both from OLS and Paypal sayting that I had indeed renewed my subscription and that my premium membership had been extended for another year.

    Have I gotten my premium membership back? NO, NO, NO, and no one responds to my complaints on the problems page and on the Nicole page!!!

    I can't believe the lack of interest or response from OLS! I have been a member of premium membershps since 2004!!! THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT A GOOD CUSTOMER!

    Anyone else having this type of problem?

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