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Omron / New defective blood pressure monitor

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We purchased a new $65 blood pressure monitor at Wal Mart. It didn't work right out of the box, so we returned to Wal mart and was informed they could not replace or refund on it, that it had to be sent to the company by us. I called the company Omron and they made arrangement to repair it if I mailed it back AT MY EXPENSE and also ENCLOSED A CHECK FOR THE RETURN POSTAGE, a cost of about $15. I tried to argue with them as it was a factory DEFECT and it should not cost me anything to get it repaired. Wal Mart should have taken it back and returned it to this company that has been made aware by the FDA that some of it's products are not in compliance.<br />
<br />
I request that this company be made to assume full expenses on defective products and that Wal Mart be authorized to refund or replace any new out of the box factory defects from Omron. How many thousands of consumers have bought useless products from Omron and thrown them away rather than invest another $15 and take a chance that this company has the knowledge or willingness to repair it.

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  • Di
      13th of Nov, 2009
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    Same thing just happened to me. I purchased a blood pressure monitor - the type that is used on the wrist. I also own an Omron blood pressure monitor that goes around the upper arm. I constantly get error messages on the upper arm monitor. When checked against the blood pressure monitor at our pharmacy and also at the doctor's office, the wrist monitor is at least 30 points lower - totally inaccurate. Terrible experience trying to get them to pay for the shipping. I got a lot of double talk from the representative - and an email from the company about how sorry they are that I am dissatisfied - but basically - they don't intend to stand behind their product.

  • Ri
      2nd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have a two year old Omron monitor that suddenly stopped working a couple of months ago. It has a 5 year warranty.
    I returned it to Omron for repair or replacement. They returned it to me with an inspection report that claimed the unit was "working within specification". I could not believe my eyes when I read the report. The unit still does not work at all.
    I stupidly called the company back and described the problem. After a lengthy conversation with the representative she assured me that they would send prepaid postage labels so that I could return the unit yet again without incurring another postage fee. The labels never arrived. My bad. I now will give Omron more than their moneys worth of bad advertising.

  • Ir
      10th of Oct, 2012
    0 Votes

    The Omron blood pressure monitor I have is completely inaccurate. It is off about 30 points. I called the company and they will do nothing to support their product. I spoke with their customer care and also requested to speak with the manager. Both Omron representatives engaged in repeating numerous times their excuse for not being able to help me. This was rude and not a good use of my time. I will never again buy an Omron product. I hope my experience will help others to choose a product that has the support that Omron lacks.

  • Pr
      28th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    I've had a similar completely unsatisfactory dealing with Omron. After getting very high readings at home vs. dr's office and biometric screening at work, I took it in to dr and had readings taken one after the other--Omron unit was 30 points high. After they made me jump through many hoops I returned he unit (7000 series) to the company and, never getting a repaired unit back, wrote them. They said it shipped but I never received it. I wrote them back, they said they'd "escalate" the request and respond in 2 days and never did. Wrote again, and same thing-we'l get back with you, then crickets. Omron has the worst customer service I've ever experienced. I've gone out and bought a CVS monitor.

  • Tr
      6th of Oct, 2013
    0 Votes

    I bought an Omron two years ago and now it blows up until it pops off my arm, with no reading at all. I have no clue if it's the monitor or the cuff. I guess I have to buy a new one.

  • Su
      23rd of Nov, 2013
    0 Votes

    I want to purchase blood pressure monitor machine. Which one is good? I have no idea about these product.

  • Le
      7th of Dec, 2015
    0 Votes

    I could not agree more with all these negative reports. I returned my first arm blood pressure machine, and because I was told how great this device was they exchanged it for another one. I had the same results with the second one. I decided to call Omron to give them a chance to correct the problem before I wrote a bad review for them. I got a real b---- named Teresa in the customer service department this morning 12-7-2015. It was obvious from the beginning of the conversation, she did not like her job. Although with both devises, I had my family physician and two of his attendants to compare the readings of their device with my Omron devise. The blood pressure readings for diastolic and systolic varied 25 to 30 points. This happened with both the first Omron devise and the second Omron devise. During our conversation Teresa continued to question the professional ability of my medical providers to take a blood pressure reading (such a stupid accusation). After explaining to her the expertise of these medical professionals vs her limited ability to just answer the telephone, I asked her what I needed to do to correct this problem. She stated (as was stated in one of the previous complaints) I should mail the devise back at my expense and if they determined the unit to be working correctly, they would merely send the same unit back at my expense. It was at this point I told her to kiss my ###, and told her I would return it to Wal Mart. I did this today with no return problems at Wal Mart, and purchased a ReliOn devise at half the price with more features. Apparently, this was not the first return of these units, even though I had no receipt to present for its purchase. I have had a my neighbor (a nurse) compare this new ReliOn devise with her "old fashion devise" and it matched the readings to the exact number, within one point. I hope this helps anyone considering the purchase of a blood pressure measuring device. I am seventy-one years old, and this is absolutely the worst product and customer service I have ever experience in my lifetime.

  • Na
      11th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    i purchased an omron bp machine--the battery cover fell off--neither omron or walmart would stand behind the warrenty--bad service.

  • Do
      11th of Dec, 2017
    0 Votes

    I files a poor review on their web page site

    worst BP every used
    Does not work most of the time. Asked for help what I get is are a bunch of excuses. They send the caned responses to me. Sure that have use them a lot. I have been taking my own BP for years and have never had some much trouble. BP taking is not that hard. I have been a healthcare working for 25 plus years. This produce is a pain to use. getting nothing but errors.

    and they removed it "Our team has read your review and values your contribution even though it did not meet all our website guidelines. "

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