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Old Spaghetti Factory / poor management

1 west edmonton mall, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Contact information:
Phone: 4442181

Never apply at the old Spaghetti factory. Their tips suck major monkey dick... heres how it's split up: busser=2% tip, hostest=1% tip, kitchen=2%, junior server=2%, senior server=93%

okay okay, if your a senior server youv'e got it pretty good but if you have no experience in serving tables you start off as a host. 3 months after that you can upgrade to a junior server. and then 6 months of being a junior server you can then become a senior server.

but it gets worse... the Tip locker is none other then a school gym locker, access to this locker is given to everyone...unsupervised.

the first 2 shifts you work you dont get tip out. tip out is given out every night, there is no paper work behind it. You yourself are responsible for collecting tip. servers will somtimes leave without giving you tip and it's nobodys fault but your own. the first few nights i worked my tip had been stolen twice. The closing Hostest put my tip in the tip locker and it was stolen the previous day. when i went to speak to the manager about it he said that there was nothing he could do about it.

still gets worse... you get a 25% discount when eating with family. a 40% discount when eating on shift some foods are free. however no takeout items are allowed.. you must eat in the restaurant.

after i quit this horrible Job i went in to collect my paycheck.. they told me that i hadn't fiven them my sin number... which is ###... i gave it to them the first day that i worked. so i walked all the way home to get my sin card. when i returned the manager claimed that he was much to busy to retrive my paycheck. when i looked around the restaurant was half empty... he wasn't busy at all. i procided to wait for my check in the lobby. the manager approached me and asked me to leave, claiming that if i don't leave he will contact security. It was monday! the most slowest time of the day and the manager couldn't spend 7 seconds to grab my check.

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