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Recently I returned an item that was misleading in it's advertising in an OPT catalog. When returning an item, you can pay for it yourself, or use the "convenient" and expensive OPT return label service. I chose to pay for it myself at half the cost. When the credit was issued by OPT, it was reduced by the amount of the return label service, when no shipping should have been deducted at all. In total, I paid $15.90 for an item that was returned.

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  • Te
      Dec 11, 2009

    I agree with name : "withheld2" as the same thing happened to me with an order for shoes. Returned the shoes at my own (and much less!!) expense, only to have the refund to my credit card reduced by the amount of their postage return rate (their label was nowhere on the returned packeage). Emailed for refund of credit card. Got a check in the mail weeks later.

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  • Se
      Sep 16, 2011

    My mother ordered a pair of $20 slacks from Old Pueblo Traders earlier this year (2011) and sent them back because they didn't fit. She used the return label. On July 5 she received a bill for $15.45 postage for returning these. I phoned OPT that same day, thinking that must be a mistake, but learned that this was their charge for returning these. That same day, July 5, I put a check in the mail.

    July 23, my mother received another bill showing that she owed another $36.45 postage for these same slacks. I phoned OPT, and was put through the most stressful and time consuming automated phone system imaginable. I kept pressing different options as instructed through OPT's system and kept holding. I finally gave up and tried a little later but went through the same Hell. When I finally got to talk to a live person, she immediately put me back into the holding pattern before I could tell her not to do this to me. I kept getting nowhere.

    Eventually I ended up talking to a live person who was of no help. Customers deserve better. By this time, I was having a nervous break-down and practically pulling my hair out by the roots. No business deserves customers if it treats us this way. After explaining the situation to her she said that possibly the check I mailed on July 5 crossed with the new bill. How is this possible when we mailed that check the same day we received it? Furthermore, bank records show that OPT processed the check on July 14, yet July 23 we received that bill for $36.45.

    Over the years, my mother and I have ordered through OPT but never again! I don't give a bad business a second chance unless they really try hard to earn back my business. Also, I told them to remove us from their mailing list but as of September 15 we are still receiving their catalogs.

    And OPT cares nothing about the environment. Over the years they have sent multiple catalogs per week. We have even received more than one in the same day.

    Also, OPT does not make their email address available to customers so I'm posting this online everywhere I can.

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