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I purchased a scooter from EVOsales, an internet based company. According to their policy all deliveries are 100% insured. When the scooter arrived it was damaged. I immediately called the scooter company and they told me to contact the insurance company. I called them, filled out the forms they asked me to, sent them the photos they asked me to, got everything to them within the 15 day time limit but my insurance claim was refused because they had not told me to have an inspector come out and look at the bike. They asked why I hadn't noted the damaged when I signed for the bike, I explained that the bike was encased in a huge, rusted metal frame that had to be dismantled . Why didn't they tell me to request someone come out and look at the damage when I talked to them on the phone repeatedly while getting my paperwork together for the insurance claim? When I complained about their horrible customer service they told me I could sue them for the money. Are you kidding? What kind of response is that? If I said that to a customer at my job I'd be fired! I still haven't gotten a dime from them and it's been almost six months!!! If the item that you're purchasing is insured by ODFL DO NOT BUY IT!!! If it comes damaged they will fight you tooth and nail over every penny!

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  • Le
      Dec 03, 2009

    I agree, I shipped an inflatable, one of those jumpers for kids, actually it was almost a $3000 slide, from California to me in Georgia. When I received it, it had a 2 0r 3 inch hole in the side, which I didn't see until the driver had already gone. I suspect that that someone hit it with a fork lift or something...On top of that, the ropes, that were holding it on the pallet were cut and thrown under the inflatable and it was lying flat on the pallet with the puctured side down. This is why I didn't see it.

    Old Dominion denied my claim on the basis that the damage was not noted on any report. Imagine that, an employee not telling the boss that they puctured a hole in an expensive piece of equipment!

    It was been almost 2 months and was not until I posted a web page explaining my experience with Old Dominion, did they contact me. I tried numerous times to call and requested that the claims department call me and they never did

    Check my page out if you wish. I have pics and emails from Old Dominion. If you want to add anything to it I would be glad to let me know, i have contact info on there also !

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  • Mu
      Apr 27, 2010

    Old Dominion is like New Penn etc., they are slither out of paying their damage claims.

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  • Ra
      May 18, 2014

    They treat their workers/ drivers like crap... Fired a driver for running over a curb and said he cracked it, which he did not . Took the word of a drunk construction worker who said that he told the driver to stay he was filing a claim... When in fact the construction worker did say no such thing to the driver! I was there!!! They flat lied and guess what OD fired the driver who had 20 yrs plus experience and no incidents . Top it off this driver has a sick wife with a daughter that has a liver and lung diease! Now who would use a company like this! And yes they damage goods with the forks! Know this for fact in the parkersburg wv terminal...

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  • Ka
      Jan 04, 2016

    I had to deal with Old Dominion because one of their client's was texting and totaled my car 100% their fault. The company was so horrible they refused to give me a rental car for a week and then cheated me out of $2, 000 on the value of my car. They completely disregarded that my car had a v6 engine and compared it to 4 cylinders, didn't care about Bluetooth or sync, remote car starter, rear park aids, etc. Hello, those cost more money. Not to mention the studded snow tires I had and they tried to tell me my vehicle was average and wasn't in excellent condition. Well if your client didn't smash my car because she was so stupid and didn't brake in a 40mph zone with tow lanes, median, and traffic light, and still managed to hit me. You need to actually pay for someone's car, not only a portion of it. Robert Bates is an absolutely horrible claims representative and I would recommend this company to anyone except my worst enemy.

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