Ok Tax, 1194 Danforth Ave Eastillegally charged money for tax filing

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Abid Okadia misrepresented in filing tax and charged $5750, claimed that he will use money for donations or some other purpose and will get a higher refund, also said it would be legally done and within the cra limits. paid this with bank draft and had to call almost every single day and never returned the call or the money and I believe there are many other victim for the same issue. If anyone else wanna join for small claims court, pls email [protected]

Feb 02, 2013
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  • Ab
      Feb 11, 2013

    Abid Okadia is soft spoken defrauder involved in different financial fraud activities, he is a liar and he thinks he can get around with all his bad doings he has not only cheated you but many peoples like us, we only come to know when the post dated cheque he give of his closed bank account which gets bounced. More information can be found on for this person. Just google his name and you will see more frauds of this person. There are many poor people who even donot know even to operate the computer in his list of cheated peoples.

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  • Ab
      Feb 11, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    contact at [protected]

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  • Wi
      Jul 19, 2013

    He (Abid Okadia) is a big fraud and only preys on innocent people. He took $22500 from me on 09-09-2009 by cheque for an investment scheme.
    He also gave me a note for the money received. 6 months later he told me that all money is lost. After visiting him everyday like 500 times I have received $10000 back so far in increments of $200 approx.
    I have lost $12500 and not received a single penny from him for the last 2 years.
    I have given up now. The only problem is that this individual shall be stopped.

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  • Sy
      Jul 17, 2014

    Abid Okadia is a thieve. I have lost all my saving by investing with him. I will recover all my $40000 my retirement pension in the after life from him. God willing. I will not forgive him.

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  • Ak
      Aug 02, 2016

    He has taken $6000 from us in March of 2016. He said he would help book travel accommodations for my sisters wedding. In June 10 month before the wedding date he told us he "forgot" to book the tickets and now they are too expensive. We frequently visited his office and his home demanding the sum to be returned but he has only offered us a cheque valued at $1250 which bounced! Because of this my sisters wedding will be pushed further 1 year! I pray that all of us get our rightful hard earned money back.

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  • Al
      Aug 09, 2019

    He took my 3000 dollars for work permit for my brother. Soon after we started realizing that he is lying to us, and after doing some search on internet i found several stories of fraud by him. I went to his office and showed them this thread and he said he will repay his money. After 2 months of several visits and phone calls finally i was able to recover my money. He is a award winning lair. He is carrying on his activities openly without any fear. The other 5 to 6 employees working there are also involved in his lies to clients.

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  • La
      Aug 31, 2019

    My name is mahmad Aeiyub I'm from India Gujarat Surat when I was in Toronto. I give to abedin to cash 8000/- CD and he newer give me beck always line. Every Saturday Sunday I'm going to his office hi say Next weekend syor will give you. 2013 Latif bhai sheikh from Surat.

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