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He was begging 2 weeks ago so I would remove all the complain against him and he wonted the buy the little girl for sure.
After the complains was removed he did not contact me at all anymore therefore I assume that he didn't won't to get the female he wonted all the complains removed for these he was playing nice.
I told him that I made an appointment with the Vet for a check up before she leaving and I would meet him up there since he said I have sick kitties because he can 't be trusted.
Breeders be careful don't deal with him he is not honest. I think he doesn't have the money to buy the kitty.
He is such a Jerk he turned everything around and is a big liar. I call me a Thief because he doesn't get back he's deposit which was paid down for holding the baby. I let him chose which one he like better when the babies got older I up dated him with new pictures about every 10 days.
He was the bad est experience I ever had.
Breeders be careful don't sell to him you will have the same if not more bad experience with him.

I will attached some references from buyers who got a kitty from me everybody is happy.

Hi, Jaime-

YOU CANNOT GO WRONG HERE!!! Our little boy that we received from Karin is simply going to break some hearts when and if he ever has to go kitty heaven in the sky! We love this adorable little loverboy! Beautiful? TOP OF THE LINE! Sometimes I just look at him and wish I could look that beautiful!!! Honestly, leave it to a male not to even have to try... his coat is lucious and eyes big and dreamy!!! He is perfectly proportioned, Lord knows you don't see me saying that about myself! Healthy? This little charmer has the most healthy appetite, grooming, bowels, and behavior I have ever seen in any cat I have EVER had! In my vets own words, "Brenda, this cat is absolutely amazing!" He liked it there, too! All his records were current he's a very happy feline. Attentive? He learned his name the first week we had him and actually came when I used it. He also loved to be held and petted and even purred upon simply talking to him! He is very curious and playful and follows me about the house to be in which ever room I am in (sign of a persian who loves their human). This little boy has not even been 'fixed' yet, and he is already such a lover it amazes me...males are usually even more cuddly after they are 'altered'. He often falls asleep in the crook of my arm lying on his back while I rub his neck and chest (another position that demonstrates a cat who loves his humans if he is willing to be this submissive.) I have had him for not quite 2 months, and he still hasn't even required a bathing (of course, I do not let him outdoors). He is even tempered with his grooming requirements and LOVES treats! We are all very attached and this little boy compliments us perfectly and hopefully - for a very, very long time! My twin 8 yr olds argue over who Elvis (the name we chose) prefers...I quite simply remind them that of course it is me, the goddess of kitty food!!

Karin is why Elvis is who he is! She assuredly gives him what he needs and then much more! She had socialized him by 8 weeks of age and that's why he is agreeable to let us then continue doing so. This is not a shy or 'skittish' cat with any emotional problems what so ever. He has not been subjected to any aggressive behavior and therefore is not aggressive nor negatively responsive. I think Karin actually stays at home with her cats and is with them often. They are not left in cages and are not afraid of adventure or people. She is very kind, educated in the field, and cares where her cats are placed and how they are raised. She's extremely easy to do business with and very trusting. My children have wanted to return to visit her ever since we met with her! I stay in contact with her and send photos and information that assures her of Elvis' adoptive family choice and his well-being. I intend to have this cat a good many years, and expect to know Karin an equal amount of time. Please let me know if you should have any further questions or need more help, I'd be delighted to offer it.

Best of luck with your decision, truly. I don't think Karin realizes she has such perfect little darlings, she offers a more than fair price and could easily ask more! Fabulous Persians and furry balls of joy!!

Elvis' mom,

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  • La
      26th of Apr, 2012

    Karin - that's English?
    what? are you some half-breed Mexican-Indian?
    gypsy perhaps?
    are you mentally ###ed?

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  • Ka
      26th of Apr, 2012

    You should be ashamed of yourself their are many other Immigrants in the US who can't speak 1 word english. I think I am doing very good for not learning English in school I speak fluid English and people compliment me .

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  • La
      27th of Apr, 2012

    you have my eamils - contact me directly; i specialize in teaching immigrants how to speak and type proper English

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