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Stay away from OCO Transportation. They are owned by Edna Seltzer who also owns and runs Apollo Van Lines, same scam, different name. I had to unload my own truck, they did not reassemble furniture, lost hardware, locked cabinets and did not include keys so I could unlock them. Lost or broke glass shelves for both curio cabinets. Broke every lamp I own except the ones I put in the car with me. Left things behind then refused to come back to get them forcing me to rent a trailer in order to get my stuff to my new residence. Did not do complete inventory and, when I pointed it out to Adam Dahan, company rep, he promised me he would personally make it right. He never did. Company now refuses to reimburse for things not on inventory! Boxes clearly marked "fragile" were on the bottom of the stack and completely "pancaked". Made me pay cash before they would unlock truck. Owner, Edna Seltzer actually said to me "you will get $200, don't [censored] with me". Run, don't look back and don't hire them!

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  • Sa
      Sep 25, 2010

    I absolutely agree. This company is atrocious! I also found out, inadvertently, that OCO is the same as Apollo Van Lines. Had I known this I would have NEVER moved with them and at the time OCO had no marring reviews yet. But the truth is they will not give any care to your belongings, will not show up when they say they will, will never have any answers, will verbally abuse you, overcharge you from the quote (like double), and will even stoop to blackmail. Adam Dahan is a smooth talking salesman and that’s it. He can’t deliver on any of his statements. Mark Davis Smith “Senior Manager, Senior Supervisor” of the New York branch has a temper and no brain. Never move with this company!

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  • Wh
      Oct 14, 2010

    Ya I got ripped off by them as well. watch out everyone! Any company that shows off positive letters to customers is full of crap. Why do you need to show these off? are you trying to made customers look evan dumber.? Most of the letters just for your reference are made-up and are bull crap. Keep in mind that Adam may tell you that these complaints represent a small percentage and that there are 100s of satisfied customers? Another way for Adam to try to counter the complaints with more Bull ###! The truth is that if someone is satisfied they are every bit as likely to write a letter of satisfaction as someone who is complaining. This is all you see, the COMPLAINTS. Also there are 100s of customers who just never complained or don't know how to complain or where too busy glueing and taping their smashed items back together that it was probably the last thing on their mind as they are in shock after getting their things returned. Also Adam is a good player at the lowball game, He should have a masters Degree in advanced Bull ###! People are also going to be distracted by the HOSTAGE GAME that Adam is also well versed, Customers are just shocked after they get their stuff back that who the hell would have any time to complain, I.E. Better Business Bureau, Department Of Transportation, ETC. I say we stage a false move at a location in california and call Adam, Then when he shows up to inventory the bedroom, 10 people come out of the closet with a sock with a Bar Of Soap in it and give that ### a Military Style Blanket Party!

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  • Be
      Mar 14, 2011

    I agree with everything I have read so far. I too fell vicitm to Adam and his "blackmail". Same routine as all of you. Underbids, never follows through with his promises, broken furniture and belongings, etc. I was asked three times by the movers when they delivered my furniture to tip the workers. Of course I refused based on the condition my furniture was in and the ordeal they had put me through. Then later that eveneing the driver of the truck called me and tried to pressure me into tipping them. He was wanted me to catch up with them 100 miles away to pay them! In any case, I would like to get in contact with anyone else who endured this debacle and see if there is any legal action we can take against these people. Please email me at [protected] Let's fight back!

    PS:White Horse has a great

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