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Oakland Home Inspections - Michael Saari / Negligence

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We paid $600 for a home and septic inspection in April 2013 and was given the all clear by Mike of Oakland Home Inspections. We closed on home in mid-June 2013. We moved in mid-July because we spent several weeks painting and prepping the home. By the beginning of August 2013 (less than 4 weeks after moving into the home) we were having septic issues and contacted the Twp and County (and have verification/documentation of such). We tried to contact Oakland Home Inspections but played phone tag for a while. In the mean time we had the septic cleaned at which time we were told that the field was bad (have documentation of this as well). Since then, we have had the septic cleaned 2 additional times and are currently working with the County and various companies trying to get a reasonable quote for replacement of the field (currently we are looking at approx $9, 500). We finally reached out to the Inspector (Mike from Oakland Home Inspection) via email because clearly telephone wasn't working. He told us that the inspection was just an opinion and sorry but too bad. We responded to his email via email stating that if the inspection had been done accurately we would have NOT purchased this home and that we wanted to work with him to reach an agreement that would work for all parties involved. He responded again saying we were harassing him and that we need to stop contacting him (after just 2 emails. Great customer service!) and that ANYONE and I quote "including the paperboy" could do an inspection because it's just an opinion and there are no rules in Oakland County, Michigan to govern inspectors. Clearly there is an issue here if "professional" people can spout any old "opinion" off, take fees for said "service" and not be held accountable for their so-called work. I'd stay VERY far away from this inspector. We bought a property with $30, 000 worth of damage based on a home inspection that came back good, but was clearly not. As evidenced by his attitude towards working with us (or lack thereof!) to resolve this issue, it's clear he doesn't care about his work or his clients. Come to find out this same person is running for State Senate and there is an article written in the Detroit News about how he switched his party affiliation?? Seems he truly cannot be trusted! (Michael Saari is his name.)

Jun 2, 2014
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  • Jk
      4th of Aug, 2014
    +1 Votes

    Goes to show you that any old Joe can hang out an "inspector" shingle. 2 home inspectors that I hired in the past were total shams. I "pre-inspect" the place before the inspection and both times the "inspector" missed a code violation - one of which was something costly to fix (that was figured in my offer), a thing that I knew about from previous visits to that house. Biggest bunch of phonies out there. Never EVER allow the inspection to go on without you there, fiollowing him, with your own flashlight, and making sure he goes into all the spaces agreed upon ahead of time.

  • Oa
      30th of Nov, 2016
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    Home inspectors are not code inspectors. Home inspectors are looking for minimum property standards and obvious safety hazards and defects and are not required to dismantle or remove walls during the inspection. As for the person with the septic complaint, the septic evaluation report clearly stated the septic was NOT in good working condition and was further established and documented through the (BBB) Better Business Bureau.

  • Oa
      18th of Dec, 2016
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    Apparently there are two Oakland Home inspection companies.
    One is in California, where this complaint is from.
    The second is in Michigan, where this complaint is not from.
    Complaint board needs to remove this review since review is improper defamation is also against a Michigan business.

  • Co
      13th of Aug, 2017
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    His Facebook comments on a Detroit Free Press article also state that he does not believe in or understand the Fair Housing Act. Highly troubling for someone trying to run for State office and doing home inspections. "People have the right to sell to whom ever they choose, or have the foreigners changed America?" M Saari - Detroit Free Press article comments on 'Michigan Department of Civil Rights investigates 'no foreigners' sign in sale of home' article 8/11/17 9:11 a.m.

  • Jk
      20th of Aug, 2017
    -1 Votes

    Always do a "pre-inspection" yourself. Look deep and make notes. Let no one distract you! Make sure the seller is out of the house (Jews will make sure they are there to distract you - don't fall for it) Say nothing to the realtor or the inspector. If you've ever had your own house you'll know what to look for. Inspector misses something, and it winds up costing you money, you can sue! They carry big time insurance policies.

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