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I was hired and fired in the same month.I was bullied by the manager there on the way I walk and I was told I was to slow and he fired me because I could not work Sundays.It is my religion and in our beliefs we believe it is wrong to work on the Sabbath day.The Lords day is sacred and we believe in giving Sunday to our Lord.I was also told I was to slow and could not ask the same question twice and I was not given a chance really didn't receive the proper treatment and training.I also had enemies of my past call the store and harass me into ordering products and then they would cancel and I would be yelled at.These people from my pasts would come behind the counter and the manager would allow it because they were his friends.I was also told I did a horriable job and the manager would take me outside and yell at me accuse me of misplacing parts when I did my abolsute best and never did that.I was also terimanated because I could not work on Sundays, the manager did not even let me finish the month or the day of work.I am upset I also did not receive my incentive check I also had one week until I would have finished the month of work.I am very upset about all of this and believe the manager should be fired and I should receive my job back.

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