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NW Legal Support / Terrible experience

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I am the Person Ron Belec and NW Legal Support A.K.A North West Legal Support list in his report. My name is Yves J Cauvin and the following are the true facts about myself and how corrupt Ron Belec, NW legal Support and it's employee's are and how they engage in illegal activities for their own ill gotten gains. I hope all readers will see how the system can be manipulated and hope we put a stop to this criminal and associates.

I have been dealing with Ron Belec for over 10 years. It started out as a minor service of papers as he initially worked as a process server, digging in garbage can and hanging out in his car at all hour of the night. I was being served for on a legal issue that was eventually dropped because it was discovered I did not engage in any wrong doing as the business deal included a corrupt Attorney in New York. At the time of service Ron Belec working for ABC Legal attempted to serve me papers at 2:00 am. I was married and lived in an upper class area that had private security. At around 2:00 am he attempted to serve papers at our home. As you can imagine, most people are sleeping, also this is illegal. We did not answer the door as we were unsure who it was. So he went next door and had my neighbors call saying my “friend" was at their home saying there was an emergency, which was a lie. Prior to that, he was throwing rocks at our windows, which the next day we realized broke one of them causing over $500 damage. Eventually the police arrived told him to leave.

Another time he lied and said he served me. In fact it was a construction worker who was working for us. He lied and said it was me. We went to court to show it was not me, Ron Belec was reprimanded and the service was overturned. This is one of many incidences that he has gotten away with only a slap on the wrist.

Later he was charged with and convicted of harassment and ordered to pay Jeanne Peterson $25, 000. The company he worked for eventually fired him for his contempt and his disregard for the law.

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  • Ro
      7th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Yves (Julian) Cauvin is a crook and will soon be in Jail

    Go here to read about him

    Name /
    Participant Court Case Number File/Violation
    1 Cauvin, Yves
    Defendant King County District 63-030756 08-17-2006
    2 Cauvin, Yves
    Defendant Kitsap District 6Y4999806 10-12-2006
    3 Cauvin, Yves
    Plaintiff Snohomish Superior 80-2-04893-5 12-15-1980
    4 Cauvin, Yves
    Defendant Pierce Co Superior 84-1-00443-8 03-20-1984
    5 Cauvin, Yves
    Judgment Creditor King Co Superior Ct 99-9-03528-9 03-05-1999
    6 Cauvin, Yves
    Judgment Creditor Snohomish Superior 81-9-05130-1 11-12-1981
    7 Cauvin, Yves * Jr
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 94-1-02866-5 05-13-1994
    8 Cauvin, Yves J
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 99-2-11339-0 05-12-1999
    9 Cauvin, Yves J
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 98-2-25341-0 10-19-1998
    10 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 06-9-22886-9 08-09-2006
    11 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 91-1-02650-1 05-16-1991
    12 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 99-9-08231-7 06-07-1999
    13 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 94-1-02545-3 04-18-1994
    14 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 92-9-18610-7 07-28-1992
    15 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 95-9-14544-8 06-12-1995
    16 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 05-2-38065-9 11-22-2005
    17 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 99-9-15835-6 10-25-1999
    18 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 95-9-14786-6 06-12-1995
    19 Cauvin, Yves Jr
    Judgment Debtor Pierce Co Superior 00-9-02192-6 02-23-2000
    20 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Kcdc-east Div (bel) B00304974 08-10-1994
    21 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Kcdc-so Div(auk Djd) 104938 03-02-1999
    22 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Kcdc-so Div(auk Djd) 199006848 02-20-1999
    23 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Kcdc-so Div(auk Djd) 199041459 09-09-1999
    24 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant King County District 205040288 10-13-2005
    25 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Milton Municipal C00003244 02-23-1999
    26 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Renton Municipal J00111604 03-28-1994
    27 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Kcdc-west Div (sdc) 940017146 04-15-1994
    28 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant Seattle Municipal Ct 6548 03-19-1990
    29 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 06-9-11093-1 09-01-1999
    30 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 99-1-01809-1 02-22-1999
    31 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 99-1-07757-8 09-10-1999
    32 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Defendant King Co Superior Ct 08-1-11633-2 09-19-2008
    33 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Respondent King Co Superior Ct 98-3-05379-1 07-23-1998
    34 Cauvin, Yves Julian Jr
    Judgment Debtor King Co Superior Ct 05-9-29377-8 12-19-2005

  • Ro
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Yes Cauvin

    I have served you with legal documents many times and will do so again

    Ron Belec

  • Al
      15th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Mr. Cauvin has in the past been convicted of Kidnapping woman with a shotgun, beating her, and holding her in a motel room.

    In another case he beat and robbed a pregnant woman, forced her to urinate in front of him, and caused her to deficate on herself.

    He has a long history of drug abuse, and is considered mentally ill by the department of corrections. He is supposed to be on medications, but often doesn't take them.

    He is dangerous.

  • Ju
      17th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ron Belec and North West Legal Support aka NW illegal Support.

    Go to to read about this crook Ron Belec
    Check out Ron Belec has been abusing women for years. Not 15 years ago.

  • Ww
      18th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ron Belec you conduct your business illegally and have been protected by several corrupt police officers. Your conspiracy, trespassing and other crimes will send you to prison. There are plenty of old scam artist like you in prison. Based on the court documents about you and the 100 men. You should have a great time!

    Giddy up cowboy!

  • Ca
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    “In 2005, Marcia Smith was employed as a processor for Yves Cauvin, a.k.a. Julian Cauvin, a loan originator affiliated with Solutions Financial Group, Inc., a mortgage brokerage operating in Bellevue. Cauvin convinced Smith to pose as a “straw buyer” in the acquisition of a property located at 4502 119th Ave. SE. Bellevue, WA.

    “Cauvin generated a loan application that falsely identified Smiths employer as “Platinum Computers”. In fact, Platinum Computers was a shell company created by Cauvin, for which he is the registered agent. Cauvin falsely described Smiths gross monthly income at Platinum Computers as $10, 000 per month. In actuality, Smith was earning less than $20, 000 per year as a loan processor at Solutions Financial”- Prosecutor Dan Satterber

  • Ca
      19th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    CAUSE NO. 91-1-02650-1

    That Jon Love is a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for King County and is familiar with the police report and investigation conducted in King County Department of Public Safety case No. 91-140303;
    That this case contains the following upon which this motion for the determination of probable cause is made;
    The defendant, Yves Cauvin Jr., and the victim, XXXXXXXXX, were involved in an eight month relationship. Prior to May 10, 1991, the defendant had physically abused XXXXX, young son. XXXXX reported this to Child Protective Services (CPS) and also stayed away from their home.
    The defendant became extremely worried that the law was closing in on him. He also became angry at XXXXX and so began his elaborate scheme to kidnap the victim. The defendant borrowed Mark XXXX's van. On May 10, 1991, he met XXXX and instructed XXXX to go with him to the Ballinger Commons Apartment in King County. This is where the victim works as an apartment manager.
    Prior to their arrival, the defendant's sister called the victim and said she was sending two men over and asked the victim to show them some apartments. The defendant told XXXX he wanted XXXX to help lure the victim outside alone so he could get her to sign some papers at the bank. XXXX went into the office and asked the victim to come outside to show him an apartment.
    The victim walked outside and the defendant grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth to muffle her cries for help. This was seen by two citizen witnesses. The van was driven away by XXXX, who despite seeing the victim crying, screaming and appearing scared, claimed not to know of the defendant's plan. XXXX drove to the other side of the apartment complex, where the defendant and the victim got into the defendant's Honda Civic automobile.
    The defendant began to drive around threatening the victim, telling her he knew that she reported him to CPS. He hit her numerous times and pulled out a third of her hair. He also kept the gun up to her head. The defendant then drove the victim to his sister's house, where he continued to assault her and inge4st cocaine. He also got a rifle and began putting bullets into it.
    He said he was going to kill the CPS worker, her supervisor, and the victim and her family. The defendant eventually left his sister's residence and drove around to Fred Meyer to buy more bullets. They then drove to Kenmore, where the defendant got his friend, Chris XXXXX, to register at a hotel in Kenmore. The defendant claimed someone stole his identification. XXXXXX got the hotel room and left. The defendant then brought the victim into the hotel along with a loaded shotgun and pistol.
    All he talked about was killing the CPS workers. The defendant continued to do cocaine and threaten the victim and others throughout the night. In the morning, the victim begged the defendant to let her go. He told her if she told police he would shoot himself and that would be on the victim's conscience.
    She went to her ex-husband's house and called the police. Police responded to the hotel. The defendant was gone, but inside his room police found a loaded 12 gauge shotgun and a .25 caliber pistol as well as clumps of the victim's hair.
    Bail in the amount of $150, 000 is requested. The defendant probably has fled the state, he has a serious cocaine problem, and the victim and CPS workers are fearful that the defendant will carry out his threats.
    Under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington, I certify that the foregoing is true and correct. Signed and dated by me this 16th day of May, 1991, at Seattle, Washington.

  • Mi
      20th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    COUNT 1

    I, Norm Maleng, Prosecuting attorney for King County in the name and by the authority of the stat of Washington, so accuse YVES CAUVIN JR. of the crime of unlawful Imprisonment, committed as follows.

    That the defendant YVES CAUVIN JR. in King County, Washington on or about March 30, 1994, did knowingly restrain Jeannie xxxxx, a human being.

    Contrary to RCW A.40.040, and against the peace and dignity of the State of Washington.

    COUNT 2

    I Norm Maleng, Prosecuting Attorney aforesaid further do accuse YVES CAUVIN, JR, of the crime of Felony Harassment, a crime of the same or similar character as another crime charged herein, which crimes were part of a common scheme or plan and which crimes were so closely connected in respect to time, place and occasion that it would be difficult to separate proof of one charge from proof of the other, committed as follows:

    The defendant, YVES CAUVIN JR, and the victim Jeannie xxxx have been in an on and off intimate relationship for several years. The victim is seven months pregnant with the defendant’s child.

    On March 30, 1994, the defendant called the victim and asked if she would meet him to talk about their relationship. He picked Peterson up in his van at the top of her driveway. The defendant was upset with the victim because he claims she continually lies to him.

    They started to argue and suddenly the defendant jumped on top of the victim and started smashing her face with his hands. The defendant moved back into the driver’s seat and the victim fumbled for her purse.

    At this point, she tried to get out of the van, but the defendant jumped on top of her again. He started hitting her and covering her face with his hands so that she had difficulty breathing.

    The defendant told the victim that he would break her neck if she opened the van door. The victim worried about the safety of her unborn child, did not open the door.

    The defendant then grabbed the victim’s purse and searched her wallet for money. He found $50 and berated her for not having more cash. The defendant stuck the $50 in his sock and put her wallet under the seat of his van. He then demanded the victim give him the jewelry she was wearing; two rings and a necklace.

    The defendent then parked the van in an apartment complex parking lot about two miles from the victim’s residence. After about three hours, the victim asked Cauvin if they could go somewhere so she could use the bathroom. He said no, because she couldn’t be trusted.

    She begged him to just allow her to step outside, but he refused to allow her to do so. The defendant finally let her urinate into a bowl he found in the back of the van.

    The defendant became concerned about how the victim would explain the bruise on her face and the loss of her purse and jewelry. He threatened to kill the victim if she told anyone about the incident.

    Then he detailed how he would torture her for a long period of time before stabbing her to death. During this time, Cauvin back handed the victim numerous times.

    Finally Cauvin drove the victim back to her residence. He said he eventually return her purse and jewelry if she returned a ring he had given her.

    Another argument ensued, and Cauvin again jumped on top of the victim and twisted her neck. The victim felt as though she were passing out and suddenly lost control of her bowels. At this point Cauvin permitted her to leave the van.

    Don't you all just feel so bad for Mr. Cauvin being picked on by mean ol' Process Servers???

  • Ro
      29th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    26 December 2008

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am writing in support of the petition of Ron Belec, Michael Creel, and Marcia Smith for a civil order of protection against Julian Cauvin. Mr. Cauvin is currently the subject of a criminal action filed in King County Superior Court (cause no. 08-1-11633-2 SEA). I am the deputy prosecutor assigned to this case.
    It is anticipated that Ms. Smith will be needed to testify in the trial that may occur in the coming months in the above-referenced action. Mr. Belec and Mr. Creel have provided useful information regarding Mr. Cauvin's actions and behaviors. Ms. Smith, Mr. Belec, and Mr. Creel have reported to me that they believe they have recently been subjected to harassment by Mr. Cauvin, and their reports to me bear the ring of truth, though further investigation is warranted before additional criminal charges are filed.
    I believe it is appropriate, under these circumstances, for a civil order of protection to be granted to them. It is my hope that such an order would discourage Mr. Cauvin from engaging in any further acts against these individuals, would provide them with some well-deserved peace of mind, and would allow the justice system to move forward on the above-entitled action more effectively and efficiently.
    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at (206) 296-9010 or by e-mail at Thank you for your consideration.


    David Seaver
    Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
    Criminal Division

  • Kk
      8th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Ron Belec fails to mention the date this letter was written. The prosecutor met with Mr. Cauvin after this letter was written. David Seaver, Senior Deputy Prosecuting Attorney was unaware of the Burglary, Fraud and Forgeries committed by Ron Belec, Mike Creel and Marsha Smith. That is why no "Restaining orders" were ever placed against Julian Cauvin.

    Ron Belec, Mike Creel and Marsha Smith are all Con People that were exposed. and

    These websites only tell a small portion of the crimes Ron Belec, Mike Creel and Marsha Smith have committed.

  • Kk
      8th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Corrections Marcia Smith was a loan officer not processor. King County documents have discovered no less than 5 fraudulent documents by Marcia Smith. Her claims of being a victims are nothing more than her conning the authorities. Bellevue police reports show of he aggressive involvement in the Burglary of Mr. Cauvins home.

    After police reports were taken, Marcia Smith and Mike Creel filed a false durable power of attorney.


  • Ro
      10th of May, 2009
    0 Votes


    All this BS will soon be ending, as you will be in jail.

    Ron Belec

  • Ro
      10th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    Here is Yves Julian Cauvin enjoying him self

  • Pa
      18th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Cauvin is a well known thief in the mortgage business, he has been previously sentenced to prison under the Mentally Ill Offender Program.

    He has a history of drug abuse, and extremely violent behavior towards women. He has previously kidnapped and beaten a woman.

  • Ci
      20th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    Julian Cauvin is supposed to go to trial today for mortgage fraud in King County Superior Court. Wonder how that is going to turn out? Cauvin is still stuck in the King County Jail on $15, 000 bail that he cannot make on a Lake Forest Park charge of stalking his ex-wife and violating a domestic violence protection order. Cauvin tried to say that he worked as a real estate agent, so that he could get work release before trial. But the police found out he was lying, so the judge tripled his bail and stuck his sorry butt back in jail.

    I wonder why Cauvin's long-time girl friend Carmen Arruda hasn't bailed him out of jail yet? Carmen Arruda owns lots of real estate in Los Angeles, and also in King County, so why can't she come up with $15, 000? Or at least sign for a $15, 000 bail bond?

    Carmen Arruda is quite a character! Arruda and Cauvin have a lot in common, both in terms of felony criminal records and in terms of protection order and violent temperament. Why does a company like Fidelity National Title Insurance Company hire Carmen Arruda to be in charge of their Bellevue office, which processes hundreds of closings for property sales and refinances of real estate in east King County?

    Carmen Arruda is also a convicted felon. King County Superior Court No. 04-1-09650-9SEA. Back in June 2001, Carmen Arruda became an in-home care provider for her terminally ill mother-in-law, June Arruda. Carmen provided 184 hours of care per month, and was paid by DSHS through the Medicaid program.

    June Arruda passed away on December 8, 2002. However, Carmen Arruda kept reporting to DSHS that she was still providing the maximum 184 hours of Medicaid care every month, even though her mother-in-law was DEAD. Carmen kept reporting these 184 hours a month of non-existent care all the way until April 30, 2003 -- until DSHS finally figured out her mother-in-law had passed away.

    DSHS was not very amused by all of this, and Carmen Arruda was charged with First Degree Theft and Medicaid Fraud. Carmen pled guilty as charged to both of these felonies. Carmen could have gotten up to 10 years in prison. But theft sentences in Washington for first-time felons are pretty light, so she only got some community service and probation.

    Carmen Arruda also has a permanent anti-harassment order against her. King County District Court No. 57-000167. This protection order was obtained by Patrick Cauvin, the brother of her boyfriend Julian Cauvin.

    In his petition, Patrick Cauvin explains that Carmen Arruda had frequently visited his home while she was dating Julian Cauvin. Patrick describes Carmen as "verbally abusive and confrontation, especially when drinking". Patrick complains of "continued arguments and confrontation" and considers Carmen "unstable, tempermental and abusive". He also describes an incident where Carmen became violent and cut his brother's eye.

    Carmen Arruda did not even show up at the hearing to contest these allegations. Judge Peter Nault heard the petition, and granted Patrick Cauvin a PERMANENT anti-harassment order to keep him safe from Carmen Arruda.

    Again, why does a company like Fidelity National Title Insurance Company hire a convicted felon such as Carmen Arruda to run its Bellevue office? Especially someone with a PERMANENT anti-harassment order that is connected to a domestic violence situation?

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