Nw Green / Under paying employees and racism

1 University Place, WA, United States Review updated:

Edwin Crook's owner/operator Has issues with overworking and underpaying employee's and paying under the table I know for a fact because a friend of mine walked off the job today for basically paying him (what was supposed to be $10.00 a/hr) not even $5.00 a/hr after sitting down and doing the math with his last pay check which also is non verifiable due to paying him in cash. He made statements to the employee after the pay was brought up and Ed Crooks quoted " that's how I pay all the mexicans" and ended it with a laugh. The second time it was brought up and the employee made a statement that it just was not working Ed crook's responded " Well I guess I will be seeing you in a couple [censored]ing weeks outside the home depot with all the other mexicans looking for a job " and he laughed at the end of that quote as well.
He works employee's until 9-10 pm at night and makes them start as early as 7 am . He is unprofessional and when driving down the road he yell's out sexual things to young girls and women and is HIGHLY unprofessional.
Thank you for your time.

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