Nuvellaunauthorized cc billing

I am so mad! I got my trial Nuvella. Today I realized that a place I didn't know of (I had to google it) billed me for $161.00 for a product I didn't even know existed! The place Wonder, (UK business) a totally different creams etc.. I called Nuvella to not only cancel my account but to ask them if they sell or give our info out to other companies. How can you be billed if you didn't agree, especially not knowing what this place is?? He would NOT give me a yes or no answer!! So you HAVE to cancel your account within the first 14 days within receiving your trial or if you don't who knows what place is going to bill your CC. If this was actually on the Dragons Den, shame on them for helping this company, hook innocent people like myself & others around the world!! This is definitely a Buyer Beware Deal!!

May 03, 2017

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