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On January 23, 2015 I went into the trial offer portion of Nuderma skin care. I filled out the form, BUT when I saw I had to also receive a second item and that it was automatic shipments, I cancelled out of the form. On January 28, I received the trial of Nuderma, with a bill for $4.95 for shipping. There is no phone number on the packing slip and no bill was included although the shipping amount is shown as owing. I did not complete the form and did not want the item after realizing it was automatic shipments. Cannot find a way to contact them, but will return the trial and hope they do not ship another.

Jan 28, 2015
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  • Ma
      Feb 17, 2015

    I too was taken by these "free samples". It seems that I thought I was ordering 2 from the same company only to find out that each was from a different company. When I went back to the website to see what I could find out about cancelling, I ended up receiving 2 more products from 2 different companies. I had never agreed to anything but since they already had my credit card number, they just charged me.
    It takes a detective to find a phone number to talk to the customer service. I thought I had cancelled everything only to find out that another new product had arrived. So far, I have been billed for $540.
    I don't know why a state attorney general couldn't go after all these scammers. They seem to function out of different states which makes it more difficult to catch them.
    I think my next letter will be to the Minnesota Attorney General.
    Maybe she can put a stop to these companies. I do think that $90 is a bit much to spend for 15 cc of a lotion containing god knows what.
    Thank you.
    Mary Beth Crowley

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  • Sh
      Feb 19, 2015

    I was also taken by this scam. I ordered the "free trial" and paid $4.95 shipping fee. When I received my credit card statement, I was shocked to find a second charge for $89.15 two weeks later! When I called, ( number is on same line as cc charge on statement), it was like pulling hens teeth to get an answer about what the second charge was for. I was then informed that I had agreed to the charge if I didn't call within two weeks of the first charge, that the charge was for the product that I had received as a "free" trial!. This was charged, not after I received it, but from the date that I ordered it. The product itself is worse than the cheapest drug store product that you could get. All it did for me was give me a couple of scaley lesions on my face like ringworms. I'm going to dispute the charge with my credit card company.

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  • Pa
      Mar 01, 2015

    I got scammed! There's no way to get samples for $4.95 without incurring charges for a whole month. I too, got a lesion on my face after using this product. Don't talk to these scammers! I'm amazed they are allowed to do business like this. I'm going to continue complaining until I get to someone who can do something about these jerks. On top of everything else, the customer service rep barely spoke English!!! Now I'm worried that even after talking to the CS rep, I will continue to get automatic charges.

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  • Sn
      Aug 03, 2015

    I suffered an allergic reaction to using this product around my eyes. I too called the CS rep when I reviewed my CC statement and saw I had been charged for 2 products 2 weeks after I ordered the "free" samples, not from when I received them and actually started using them. I got pretty much no where with this a-hole, he kept saying "I understand" and refused to credit back 100% of these charges. I told them I would be happy to send this crap back to them and he refused. This is a scam, the reps are a-holes and this product is CRAP!!! DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY

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  • Ho
      Jan 16, 2016

    yes I too got scammed they made out like I was paying 5.95 for one product but then they added the second product 4. 95 this was supposed to be for a trial for 14 days.they never said it was from the moment I ordered it! then they charged my bank account almost $200 plus the 595 plus the 495. when I called them to cancel my account with them they argued with me about everything had to call back the next day to make sure they cancelled on the second product that I never even wanted. they are rip off people they are rude and I never did see anything good with the product guess I should have bought ponds order to get a partial refund of 35% they forced me to agree to not sue them I very quickly said yes duress yes! attempting to leave my options open to sue them for being scammed! nobody should have anything to do with these people they need to be ran out of business

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