Nuderma Skin Carecharging credit /

I ordered, what I was led to believe, a trial sample of product for the price of $4.95 which was for the shipping. After 14 days of continuous use I thought I would be given the option of ordering the product again. No where was there any mention of the real price or that it would be charged to my credit card for the so called "free sample". I was charged $89.85 for the one sample of face serum and also another $89.15 for a sample of Vibrante eye creme. A total of $179.00 plus the original ship charge of $4.95 for each of them. When I tried to get re-imbursed I was told no and they were very rude about it. I was told my credit card company couldn't do any thing to help me either. This constitutes false advertising and shady business.

Feb 13, 2015

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