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I was given 1 month to cancel my account after receiving the "free" trial. That day fell on a weekend and so I missed calling them to cancel. They said in the automated message when I did call that my account had been charged and the product shipped on October 4th. I called them over two weeks later to find out why I had not received the paid for product. They said that was the charge for my original "free" product, even though their message said that they had shipped a 2nd product. They refused to refund my account, or send the product. They referred me to the website, which I had never been to before, having ordered the free product from Facebook. Nowhere did it read that I had to return the free product, and when I called about the free product the first time, when they offered a discounted price for the first charged product, I specifically asked if there was any requirement to return the free trial. I was told there was not. Now I am worried about ordering any other product from any online source. I can't afford this as I live on disability.

Nov 08, 2014
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  • Li
      Mar 11, 2015

    This happened to me too. I ordered 2 facial cream products for $4.95 each. I thought I was only paying for shipping & handling After seeing the "free" L'oreal ad, I was sent to the ad page for these 2 products. I did not authorize additional shipments. I am being charged $89.15 & $89.85 every month for shipments I have not received. Until I read this complaint I didn't know the February charges were for the 1st 2 shipments. I replied to an email I was sent notifying me of a March shipment asking that the shipment be canceled. Their Customer Service rep responded that I needed to "call" their Customer Service Dept. I called & after someone answered the call was disconnected. I think this is a scam. I can't find "my" account with these 2 companies so I can remove my credit card information. I have disputed these 4 charges with my MasterCard company. So far they owe me $358.00. Like the person who wrote this complaint, I am on Social Security Disability & cannot afford to pay for this.

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