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Novelty Central from CTP Imaging / Beware of CTP publishing!

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The business is called CTP, and I believe it is located in Colorado. They sell a program called Novelty 8, Novelty 8 Pro, and Mural 8. When you purchase their product, they have to give you a key to get the program to print. I paid $300 for this program, and about six months later, I had a computer problem which forced me to reinstall their program. I purchased the program from one of their distributors. After calling and begging for them to give me another key, they finally did. About six months after that, I got a new computer, and again needed the key. After begging again, and faxing them a copy of my sales receipt, they again finally gave me the key. This key did not work, so i emailed them advising them of this. They did not respond after several emails. The name of the most ignorant of them is "Randy". I currently cannot run the program, and am finally going to take the loss and not call or email them again. Consumers
"Beware" of CTP publishing, they are no good.

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  • Ra
      12th of Apr, 2007
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    We have been selling our Dye Sub programs for over 8 years now. Protecting that software by needing an activation is part of that software.

    I did send a new key the same day 3-9-07 that Mr Cunningham requested an activation key.

    Mr Cunningham can get another activation key by making another request. We do activations for people with new computers or cleaned systems everyday.

    Mr. Cunningham is one of thousands who has purchased our software. We are proud of our software.

    I do take exception to Mr Cunningham and his remark that "they are no good" and his personal attack on me.

    I guess it is the nature of the business at times.


  • My
      23rd of Jun, 2016
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    As a web business that purchased the 3 different software programs from CTP Imaging, I agree 100% with Charlie Cunningham.
    We had so much trouble with Randy that I finally had a go around with the owner of the company (I believe her name was Helen) and told her I NEVER wanted to deal with Randy again because he never returned my calls and my username and password into the CTP site to register the software never worked. Even after new usernames, every time I would go to register a customer the CTP registration site would not work. Again and again, calling CTP and rarely get a response until I would leave nasty voicemails threatening I would never sell the software again. The degree of frustration is about the worst I have ever had to go through with this outfit. I'm glad they are out of business for the way they have run so many people through the wringer.
    I have had to turn many of my former customers away after they call and need to reload their software and cannot because CTP is simply unresponsive on the phone as well as emails. I just checked their website and noticed it's gone. A pathetic end to a great product run by people that just couldn't get it together.

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