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The above company based in Farnborough hampshire has ripped me off they are called north american motors. They have done work on my car i never asked them to do and now are holding it ransom from an old man. What they do is do work you havent asked them to do and them say if you cant pay the bill then they will write it off if you let them keep the car!!! and they are getting away with it everyday.

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  • Bd
      Sep 30, 2009

    I have been using North American Motor Company for 3 years on my two classic American cars, as well as my modern runarounds, I have found them superb in every way, they were recommended to me and proved to me they have a deserved first class reputation, for quality and service. By the tone and language of the gentleman's complaint it sounds like one of the following; he couldn't afford his garage bill/ agreed to work without checking his banck account/ agreed to work and forgot he agreed/ agreed to work and then regretted it because his car wasn't worth it/ is now to old and bitter to drive. I'd love to see the stack of cars they have hidden and holding for ransom of old men if they are "getting away with it every day".

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  • Ra
      Oct 02, 2009

    I have also been using the American Motor Co for some years entrusting my Chevy to them each year for service, MOT and repairs. The are poilte, courteous, friendly, and proffesional in their approach. I have no qualms in giving them a free hand to perform the work that is required to keep my car in reliable working order. They have never done any work that was not required and have in fact advised me against having work done that I was considering on the grounds that it would cost me too much. I hardly think they would do this if they were the rip off merchants that the gentleman is suggesting they are.
    I suspect that he has bought a car that he cannot afford to run. Sell it and pay your bill!

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  • 57
      Nov 24, 2009

    I have heard loads of people say that they are rip off merchants, I guess that they can't be like it all the time otherwise they wouldn't still be in business although we were told that they went bust earlier on this year and restarted under a very slightly different name in the same premesis the next day! Anyway I would question someone doing work that a customer hasn't agreed to and then holding their car to ransome a trip to a solicitor for some legal advice might be a good idea

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  • Da
      Sep 16, 2011

    first class service, my dayvan was serviced, mot'd, maintained over a 4 year period with no problems, parts were ordered from overseas, arrived in good time, at good prices, keep up the good service chaps. My dayvan has since been sold, I' m looking for a truck, will be back for you to keep my motor safe and sound.

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  • Th
      Jul 30, 2013

    They helped us out at this years Hot Rod Hayride, when we had trouble with our car (welding was needed for a broken bracket).
    All I can say, they were extremely friendly, knew what needed to be done and gave GREAT service.
    You can't compare this with a bigger project, but the first impression they gave me and having seen the projects they handle, I would defintely give them a try if I would live in their area.

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  • Ra
      Jun 12, 2014

    Excellent company, professional and highly recommended.

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  • Ch
      Oct 14, 2014

    I've been a customer of North American for over 15 years (even before they came to Farnborough). They have *always* gone above and beyond to provide 1st class, professional, no-nonsense work. Never have I felt ripped off.
    Obviously, there will be the odd ### that comes along and posts a ### rant. Please ignore him...

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  • Cl
      Dec 10, 2016

    These are lovely Guys, ive known Billy the owner of North American for well over 40 yrs, they looked after our pride possession 1958 Mercury Monterey for work to be completed on it. I have no hesitation to recommend these guys to anyone wanting quality work carried out on their vehicle, they are good at what they do thats why their business is successful and always busy, no tin pot business here, Although they were stacked with work when we rang to say Help our Mercury needs your medical attention and not much storage space either as so many customers cars, they bent over backwards to accomodate Trump the Mercury.. Thanks guys again, excellent Job as always

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