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This guy has sold us a puppy that was very sick, we struggled with him for months and months on end to save his life and sadly we had no other choice then to put him down he was just not going to make it. This breeder has had no remorse in the situation for our family. We will never buy from him again nor recommend him either as a reputable breeder because he is not one we had to hear of such stories in order for his dogs to win a champion title at the dog show that he wins on them in only one weekend of being there, it seemed odd and strange to us with him saying he has to do this and do that but you cant do this or you wont win. A true champion dog does not win a title on him or her in only one weekend at a dog show I am sorry to say after reading up on it. A true champion takes several months even years to accomplish that title on him or her. I was leery when I was hearing all this this thinking his head was just so swollen and just so big, but I thought his dogs and his pups were nice looking so I tool that chance. I do not recommend anybody to buy a dog or puppy from this breeder after all I have been through with costing thousands and thousands of dollars and I have no puppy and these breeders could have cared less about the fact and never offered me or my family another puppy. Shop around folks, there are much better breeders out there, try and find one that has a big heart for the pups of the selling process with asking lots of questions especially if they are in the home with the family or not or just thrown outside in kennels or buildings without family. And when they talk to you make sure their heads are not swollen so big when in conversation. Ask or go to their place to see how many dogs they in fact own and if they are all a part of their family or not or if it is all just about the money that they are bringing in from the dogs puppies. I wish all the best when buying your new puppy, more then what I had gotten. God Bless, Jerry

Jan 25, 2015
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  • Jf
      Feb 05, 2015

    To anyone reading this fraudulent complaint, first of all let me say that my name is James Fillers & I am the owner of Nolichucky Goldens. The person who wrote the above complaint is not a male person named Jerry, but instead, is a very disturbed female. I will not stoop to her level to disclose her name on this site, however, if you would like to contact me personally, I will be glad to share the details of this person with you. She has written many fraudulent complaints on this site about numerous people, particularly reputable breeders. She is such a mean, nasty person that she does not tolerate those of us that do things ethically & are considered reputable. I have NEVER sold a puppy to anyone by the name Jerry & I have never sold a puppy to the person who wrote the above complaint. Also, I have never sold a sick puppy. The above complaint is totally fraudulent. I cannot even respond to what she is attempting to say about showing dogs, as her sentence structure & wording is totally unintelligible. I will have no further comments on this site as I do not have time or desire to be caught up in this persons drama. I am certain that most all educated & moral people will know undoubtedly after reading the above complaint, that it is totally bogus. If you need further information about myself or my breeding program, feel free to contact me via email or phone. Thank you.

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  • Fo
      Feb 06, 2015

    This person James Fillers is nothing but a liar, a cheat, a scam, and trying to put the blame on others of his actions. Don't let him fool you. He is passing the blame onto others and doing nothing but making lies up to cover his ### of his such horrific breeding ethics. For one I would NOT take the time out of my day to write such anything at all if it was n fact a lie or made up stories. I have all the vet proof of it and please contact myself if needed and I will show you the proof of it. I am sure James will be contacting me under a fictitious name that is for sure because he wants to see the truth of the matter that has alreday been submitted to him. He knows absolutely nothing at all about breeding dogs as he claims and his ### stories of how to do this and how to do that at the dog shows to win. He babbled a bunch of crap to my wife and my wife saw his head getting bigger and bigger and bigger as he kept talking. James Fillers is nothing but a immature young punk that thinks he knows his ### when he in fact does not. He got all his info on dog breeding from other breeders when in fact did not learn it all upon himself. Don't buy from him, he is noting at all but a damn puppy mill that shows his supposed champions in 1 day to win a title on them. Get real, a real champion is shown for many months and years too. He cheats the system on his breedings with clearances with being the most unethical breeder out there. do NOT buy from his PUPPY MILL. Research Goldens Rule on google too. what a joke this clown is that is for sure! I ended up with a dead puppy from him and he did nothing about it and kept my money too. As they say, " "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."?

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  • Jf
      Feb 09, 2015

    Leah (or Harold) Winkler, I wont play your nasty games on this site. You should wash out your filthy mouth. It is so sad that you cant see yourself as others see you. You are not hurting anyone but yourself with your filthy lies...your true character is shining through. Why would anyone wish to buy a puppy from you after you get on this site & absolutely defame your own character. You see, unlike yourself, I am not a puppy mill. I dont make my living by flipping puppies & trying to rip folks off. I have a professional career & my goldens & my small breeding program is strictly a hobby. As everyone knows, I am a very reputable breeder who only has 1 or 2 litters a year & I do it for the love of the breed & for the betterment of the breed. Selling puppies is not my livelihood & if I never sell another puppy, I will not suffer financially. You must understand, true character cannot be changed or influenced by what you write on here. I dont have to advertise all over the internet. I have a waiting list & most of my pups are sold in advance. If I was concerned that your false complaint would in any way affect my reputation, I would see my attorney & prosecute you for defamation of character, but, you see, I dont have that concern. And, in regards to the fact that my kennel name changed from Golden Rules, it is all because I discovered there is already another kennel by that name. I did not change my kennel name for the same reason yours changes VERY you try to keep yourself disguised...or at least thats what I have been told. And, I am not quite sure what you are referring to about my showing dogs & getting titles in one weekend. I only have one golden that is a Champion & she is a UKC Ch. And yes it CAN be achieved in one weekend if the dog is worthy & shows well & this was the case with my girl. Besides, why would I need to lie...anyone with any knowledge at all would know to confirm it with UKC if any questions. I no longer show in UKC events as I now have goldens that I am campaigning with AKC. Also, one last thing, if you are so genuine, why are you having to go by a fake name on here. Why not just reveal your real name...after all EVERYONE knows who you are...since you are in a class all on your own!!! I truly feel sad for you that you are desperate enough to fall to this level. And know this also, that regardless of what fraudulent claims you make in response to my comment, I will not be responding again. Keep up your ways & know that I am loving life & loving my goldens!!! GOODBYE!!!

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  • Bu
      Apr 22, 2016

    Good Morning to all those folks that will read these comments. My name is Buzz Butler and we have two of James golden's one retired Lexi and one pup Teddy which we are raising in our loving home to someday be bread with his females. We meet James at the University of Tennessee Knoxville when we were having our golden Abby ( Who was a Therapy Dog registered with TDI Therapy Dog International ) treated for cancer . James was there qualifying two of his dogs medically as required to bread his dogs, we had asked if he had pups available knowing we would someday loose Abby. He did not know us nor we him and by the end of the visit and his personal evaluation of us as genuine dog people said he had a dog he wanted to re-home to a loving family. I believe she had 3 litters and after a visit to his home we decided to take Lexi. I never seen a man cry like he did when he put her into our car because she was a little reluctant to come, now we have had her for just about 4 years and is a qualified Therapy Dog making lots of folks happy. We have maintained contact with James because we were so thankful for Lexi and thought it would be nice for him to keep up his relationship with her and we have become good friends. He also entrusted us with Teddy which I believe he wouldn't do with just anybody to raise him and qualify him to be a therapy dog to bring love to the people in the hospital and the kids in schools. I often visit his home with the dogs and can tell you that he is a loving family man taking great cares for his dogs in a very loving way. I could go on forever about his character love of family and love of his dogs but will end here by just saying. It really bothers me to see a god loving person being beat up by someone who truly i do not know but think is saying horrible things that I don't believe he deserves. My advise to anyone who is looking for golden puppies is to go visit his home, meet the man and judge for yourself. As for me, my wife and our dogs I will continue to be his friend and support him in any way I can. God Bless Buzz

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