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We ordered a new front door last fall (not cheap over $1000) from this company on l'Acadie Blvd in Montreal. They messed up the order; and gave us a white door instead of a black one. They then came back to paint it and said it was "guaranteed" to hold.

We don't even use this door as we have a side entrance and somehow mysteriously the white paint is showing through in scratches after the winter. They claim 1 coat paint is all that's used on all their doors and too bad we are not guaranteed.

Either they produce very shabby quality doors in general or they are having one over on us. In any case, their poor customer service is enough to make me do my best to spread the bad word about them. And by the way, I have never complained about any company publicly before, and have had many renovations/repairs around my house.

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  • Di
      Sep 26, 2008

    We were surprised to learn of your complaint our compagny's services, since Nocra prides itself on the sale of doors and windows of the utmost quality as well as its exceptional reputation in after-sales service. We thus wish to rectify the facts, as you have presented them in your complaint.

    While you indeed ordered a black door, we whish to underline that all aluminium doors, when shipped to us by the manufacturer are not plainted and are thus received by us in white. We then paint the door in question according to the client's color choice, as is the case for all door distributors such as us.

    In fact, once we finished painting your door and installing same one year ago, you voiced tour satisfaction in terms of its appearance as well as its quality. As was specified to you at the time of the sale and at the time of installation, you do benefit from a guarantee for the door, that is, for all manufacturing or paint defects.

    The scratches that you have noticed on your door are not mystery, despite that witch you have led people to believe in your complaint. In fact, you surely remember contacting us in the month of september, informing us that the paint on your door had been scratched by the branches of a fallen tree after a storm last winter. We reiterate that which was told to you during that same telephone contact, that is, that although such a situation cannot be covered by the guarantee, since the scratches are not the result of a defect in the manufacturing of the door not a defect in the paint, we will gladly repair the scratched paint at our service's regular hourly fee, that which you refused.

    Our compagny has worked very hard for many years to provide the highest quality windows and doors to our clients as well as the best installation and after-sales service in the industry. We therefore feel that it is very unfair and injustified that you post a complaint based on only part of the facts and that you have purposely misrepresented the facts, aimed at harming the reputation we have worked so hard to attain.

    Direction of Nocra

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