No Companya employee a flight attendant very rude and prejudice

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My name is Anthony Walker on May 12 my self my mom and my son flew out of Oakland Ca on flight 1970 depart at 1:10 we preboarded my mom and myself are disabled as we checked in we were told to sit any where you wanted to sit so upon arriving on the plane we were looking at the emergency seats and the flight attendant name Angela or Jennifer tall blond hair mid 40 kept repeating you can't sit in emergency seats of you preboarded we were not aware of this when we were told to sit anywhere you want I had to tell her that we herd her the first time she kept repeating it over and over after that my son was sitting in the isle seat for the whole 4 hour flight this lady kept telling my son to keep your feet out the isle keep your arm out the isle she kept coming by touching him and telling him move your arm move your leg to the point that my son was leaning on my mom in the middle seat for the duration of the flight this lady was very rude and disrespectful down right prejudice she did not bother no one else on the plane but us I think she was upset because I told her to stop repeating herself earlier about the emergency seat or she just doesn't like black people something really needs to be done about this lady I spent over 1, 000 dollars for out tickets and no one should be treated this way please give me a call about this as soon as possible [protected])266-5299 Thank you very much Anthony Walker

May 15, 2017
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  •   May 16, 2017

    You didn't even name the airline!!! Secondly, a flight attendant expecting you to obey FAA rules and regulations is not exhibiting signs of racism. Indeed, I think it is you and your family who might be racist against this flight attendant and I will tell you why: You are making a JUDGMENT against this flight attendant and you are doing it based on the colour of her skin! That's racist! Third, do you realize as a flight attendant, this woman has more exposure to people of different nationalities, race, ethnic origin, etc, than you ever will. She's more culturally diverse but you want to call her a racist?! And no, the disabled are not suppose to sit in the emergency exit aisles. Whoever sits in that aisle has to be capable of assisting passengers in an EMERGENCY situation! YOU and YOUR family do not fit the bill and by sitting there, you would be potentially endangering the lives of other passengers! Do the airlines, their passengers and staff a favour and STAY HOME in your "lovely" Oakland from now on!
    PS: you sound like the type who refuses to buckle their seatbelts but want to sue when you get hurt as a result.

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