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Nirvana Laminate / Do not purchase

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Purchased Nirvana Laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators in Pittsburgh PA. Once purchased was told all sales were final - no returns. Prior to instaLlation my contractor and myself realized just how inferior this product was. The floor crumbled in my hands with little pressure- but I was stuck - I couldnt return the product! What to do? So I installed it. My daughter dropped a plastic hairbrush and the floor dented and the wood grain covering peeled off. This floor is simply pitiful. I did the right thing and contacted the Customer service office. I then sent a letter with 3 pieces of sample board for their quality team to examine. And then emailed the corporate office to assist in resolving this issue and THEY RESPONDED WITH THE FOLLOWING RESPONSE" I personally examined the samples provided and noted several impact damage marks on the sides of the boards and the samples support the original findings shared with you that the product was not in fact defective, but the care being used to install the product was in question.I see no evidence of manufacturing defects from what we see and the claim the product is defective is unsubstantiated.

Brian Pullin x7521

Office of Tom Sullivan, Chairman

Lumber Liquidators, Inc

3000 John Deere Road

Toano, VA 23168

What an easy way out! At least 2 of every 8 boards per box were damaged upon inspection And the locking tracks were so fragile they cracked and snap off in my hands. I actually resulted to taking each board out with gloves and had them wrapped in a towel - can you believe that! And this is supposed to have a 25 year warrantee! I was told the warantee is only for manufactureres defects. What a joke. I have been offered a 3rd party hired by Lumber LIquidators to inspect the floor. Wow how biased would that be? Hmm let me think VERY biased! I showed my contractor the email and he flipped his lid and will be letting everyone in the area to NOT USE LUMBER LIQUIDATORS for anything. He knows how careful and precise he was in getting this floor installed. Lumber liquidators has an A+ rating on the BBB site but actually there are over 40 cases in which the customers issue was not resolved to their satisfaction. They should be rated an F in my book- I have asked in all correspondence with them to call me and they decide to email and hide behind their PCs. MY suggestion go buy the cheapest flooring at HOme Depot and it is twice as durable and a quality product. DO NOT GET Taken by Lumber Liquidators. They do not stand behind their product or know how to handle customer inquiries. All in all RUN dont walk AWAY from using them.

Then had a 3rd party inspect the floor & JUst got the letter from LL - THEY


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  • Bm
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I have used N irvana flooring in 4 houses and have not had the first issue. I love it. I did have a problem with one solid wood however they acknowledge the error in the flooring and replaced it because it was a valid complaint. Any laminate will break on the edges if you make it mess with it. A friend of mine had a third party come to inspect and the inspector ruled in their favor. Wood flooring is a tricky product and if the proper precautions are not taken it will not install properly no matter how good of a product you buy. I have been nothing but satisfied with Lumber Liquidators and think that they offer a superior product at great prices with salesmen that actually know their product. You can go to HD or Lowes but they won't be able to tell you the in's and out's of the flooring like these guys. To everyone else out there listen to this guy if you want but from a man who has bought more than one floor and plans to buy more I wouldn't listen to him.

  • Am
      15th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    We aren't having a problem with the Nirvana flooring itself. We are, however, unable to get any more to finish our project. It has been discontinued and all sold out. I still have two rooms left to do. The customer service at Lumber Liquidators is crap. To the original poster, Nirvana flooring comes with a 25 year warranty. Did LL tell you that? The problem is getting someone to acknowledge the warranty.

  • Vi
      11th of Sep, 2013
    +1 Votes

    Anyone out there reading this, you must file a complaint against LL with the National Wood Flooring Association, & with the Virginia States attorneys office. I just filed a compliant with them. I too sent off the boards, & I too received the letter from Brian Pullin. LL may send out someone to inspect your floor, but they are not NWFA certified Inspectors. This is a big deal! Also the warranty that they tell you comes with the floor, they never show you. It is really a disclaimer of what they do not cover, which they will call site conditions. They will blame you for these site conditions, which is their out, because their warranty excludes these site conditions, this is deception on their part, & consumer fraud. If everyone out their reading this, files complaints with & the Virginia States attorneys office LL will finally be held accountable, & may be forced out of business. Please file your complaints!

  • Dc
      5th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    DO NOT USE NIRVANA WOOD FLOORS. The only guarantee is that 20% of product will be damaged and the other 80% will not fit

    together. without block and mallet. brand new garbage. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. PS I like the positive comments left by the

    nirvana reps People do your homework and research ALL products before you buy an headache.

  • Jo
      6th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    I install flooring and nirvana is absolutely trash the cheap laminate from surplus warehouse is much superior than lumber liquidators crappy nirvana flooring

  • Mi
      26th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    flooring will not stay locked in

  • Mi
      26th of Nov, 2014
    0 Votes

    disappointed with product

  • Bi
      3rd of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    I installed nirvana in my house and absolutely love it, everything snapped together just fine! I may be one of the lucky ones, but it is a high traffic area and the kids drop all kinds of crap on it! what worries me is the new allegations against LL for possible chemicals due to the products being made in china. We shall see... But for 700$, and this being a starter home it works for me. To all of you writing I totally get your frustration. I will not buy there product anymore due to problems with the consumer we all work to hard to be ripped off by rich people just trying to make a buck!!!

  • Az
      13th of Mar, 2015
    0 Votes

    We purchased this flooring in a maple tone about 5 yrs. ago from Lumber Liquidators and it is still perfect. We had no problems with install or cracking. My only complaint is I wish I had purchased a different finish as I like more sheen.

  • Gi
      7th of Jun, 2015
    0 Votes

    I purchased Nirvanna laminated flooring approximately 6-7 years ago and loved it. The past few months spots started to show up and it appears to be peeling. I went to lumber liquidators and they sold me a product to wash the floor but, no improvement. I emailed lumber liquidators...hope they respond. Thank you everyone for sharing your experience.

  • Ra
      3rd of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I purchased NIRVANA PLUS laminate flooring from LUMBER LIQUADATOR, WHAT A JOKE. I INSTALLED IT PER DIRECTIONS, The flooring is very cheaply made. When you put the pieces together, the recieving edge clumbles when you put a slight pressure on it. Whrn you butt the ends together, the product splits. I have done three houses using products from other vendors, never had a problem. Lumber Liquadators will only take back the unopened cartoons. Well, it was an expensive lession buying from them. Back to home depot, never had a problem and when I explained to them what happened they were not supprised. They told me if I had a problem with their product, they would even refund the opened cartons.

  • Kl
      12th of Nov, 2015
    +1 Votes

    This is the worst product ever. Lumber Liquidators completely scammed us into buying this Nirvana laminate. Told us installation would be one price when it was actually a much, much higher price. They told us this AFTER we had purchased the product. Told us the product was extremely well made and durable. It obviously isn't. I'm pretty sure they'll tell you anything they think you want to hear. And when confronted they just deny everything. Customer service is non existent. You can never talk to a manager or anyone who will do anything for you. We purchased this laminate for pretty much our whole house. After getting hustled into buying it (with a TOTAL price, including installation), it wasn't until after purchasing the product they told us installation was much more and not included. I realize this makes me sound extremely stupid, but it's mostly just my own inexperience buying flooring as well as the fact that I clearly asked at least 5 times, even though I thought it sounded fishy, "IF this was the total price including installation?", and received a "yes" each time! As you can imagine after they changed their story not only was I pissed but I was stuck with a whole house full of laminate that I couldn't afford to install. When I finally did start installing the flooring I started with a rarely used guest room. My installer had 30+ years of experience and could not get 200 sq ft of this installed without it chipping. It is such garbage. I cannot express that enough. The product is so cheap and terribly made. I have a new floor now that will never look "new." And a whole room full of laminate that I am afraid to install in my kitchen and living areas because it wont even hold up in a guest room. Please do not purchase this product. You will be so disappointed.

  • To
      27th of Nov, 2015
    +1 Votes

    I have laminate flooring installed in five other rooms in my house and I have never had the kind of problems that I am experiencing with this Nirvana + flooring. I have had to add nails to keep it from unlocking and the edges chip and crack just like other people have said on this topic. I will never buy flooring from Lumber Liquidators again I think their quality has gone down because they're trying to recoup their losses from the formaldehyde scandal that they had last year. Not even going to attempt to return this because I need to finish the floor for the holiday, if it buckles later so be it, I'll just replace it with somebody else's product.

  • Sh
      28th of Mar, 2017
    0 Votes

    I purchased laminate flooring from LL just recently what a freakin nightmare same issues as all above plus an added issue.I noticed since I started installing or should I say attempted installation I have been feeling ill.I did some research and learned about the formaldehyde issues, I checked the date of manufacture on the boxes of laminate flooring the date was 2015, I think that was the year California banned the sale of this product.I ordered a formaldehyde tester just to be sure it should arrive soon.For surely LL wouldn't try to resale a tainted product you think??

  • Wa
      24th of Apr, 2018
    0 Votes

    I purchased 50 boxes of nirvana flooring and we love it! LL was kind enough to take back the left over body especially and refund my money. Ya we too had a bit of struggle laying it but we are not professionals. I love my floor and we are very happy!

  • El
      11th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    I purchased Nirvana flooring from Lumber Liquidators. Upon installation I discovered what junk it really is. It locks very poorly. Even the slightest pressure causes the ends to pop loose. It also takes quite a bit of pressure, which it shouldn't, to get the seams to join together. Then on joining them, they simply will not lay flat. After installing four runs with great difficulty, I stopped and came to the computer to see if I had misread the directions. There was a Lumber Liquidators video showing how easy it was. I had followed every direction. This junk does not fit properly and does not lock properly. This tells me that if I competed the installation, any wear will result in popped ends. To be sure, the floor is pretty to look at in the box, but it is a nightmare to install. The posts here tell me that abandoning this junk immediately will make me a happier man in the long run albeit a slightly poorer one. I'lll gladly spend the money to avoid longer term heartaches. Good riddance to Nirvana flooring.

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