Nicole Blodgett / selling sick, poorly cared for puppies

Purchased an aussie puppy from Nicole. From the minute we got puppy home noticed him itching constantly, then upon inspection of his skin through his fluffy aussie coat, he was super infested with fleas and had a balding spot on his right buttocks, it took 5 flea baths to get rid of them. Also noticed his stools were loose, and had already planned to do a initial vet visit the next day. So took him to vet, got stool tested and of course came back positive for parasite/worm, also notably underweight. We got him started on the medication for parasites and started on heartworm medication as well. Luckily, he has done great once properly medicated, fed and taken care of, with no further issues to come just yet in the one month we've had him. She did offer for us to return him and a refund of the money, which we declined, could not imagine placing a puppy back into whatever type of living conditions it came from. I will also mention my husband told me that the place of pick up of the puppy aka her house is not where the puppies came from, she told him she was selling puppies for a friend, my best guess is she gets commission off each puppy and her friend the breeder/puppy mill gets the majority of the cash. I understand sometimes medications take time to work, being improperly vaccinated or wormed or whatnot, but honestly how can you miss itching, bald spots and a hourde of Black fleas and eggs all over a dog. Absolutely disgraceful and she should be ashamed of herself and the care she provides to these innocent animals.

Nicole Blodgett

Nov 16, 2017

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