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Nexon America, Inc. / Unethical business practices!

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Phone: 213-389-3440

To put it simply Nexon is out of control with its lack of customer service and blatantly unethical business practices. They are completely biased in their banning practices. There are hackers all over the maps and they don’t get banned. They are reaching levels of 100+ and most of the time; still don’t get banned. If by any chance they do end up banned then it is for a minimal 30 days. I have seen documented cases where they have been banned more than once and still only receive a 30 day ban.

Then there are accounts that are permanently banned and removed from the rankings for unsubstantiated reasons. I find this practice abhorrent considering the fact that it seems as if hackers are getting special treatment especially if they have made cash shop purchases.

I’m going to refer to us as customers because some of us have spent numerous amounts of money paying for cash shop items in order to enhance our gaming experiences and then repeatedly don’t get any type of support from the Nexon staff. GM’s are never online to help the players in game and the online support is a joke.

Nexon’s TOS says that NX fraud gets your account banned, but once the account is banned they still allow NX to be charged into that account. They also state that there are no refunds on any existing NX cash on banned accounts. To me this seems unethical. If you have made a purchase of NX cash and don’t like the items available to buy then that’s not their fault as you knew what was available prior to purchase. But, if your account is no longer accessible to you then any funds remaining should be refunded.

They don’t offer phone support although they do have a phone line. They simply tell you that this isn’t a support line and hang up on you. They have a customer support section where members are supposed to file their support tickets. Unfortunately that doesn’t work either. First of all you can only submit one single ticket at a time. Then, they either ignore the ticket for several months or close them without a reply. When you submit another ticket they say it is against their TOS to make a new ticket for the same reason even when they haven’t made an attempt to answer let alone fix your complaint.

If you want to verify my complaint then you can check the Nexon Maplestory forum for all the unanswered complaints and questions. You can also look up videos in YouTube. There are numerous hacking videos and the characters in those videos are still in the ranking. The GM’s just don’t care. I/we know of a specific GM that is in Khaini that keeps in touch with a hacker and that hacker doesn’t get banned. The best part of all is that the GM is aware that this player is a hacker. I’ll not name any GM’s here because I don’t want them to lose their “job” if that’s what you want to call it. But to me that is a blatant double standard. Either there are rules or there aren’t rules. Either way they need to make up their mind and quit showing favoritism.

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  • Je
      3rd of Dec, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I agree with all the statements made in the above complaint. I have seen every single one of the items mentioned occur.

    Yes I understand it is a free game and everyone has the option to not continue to play the game. The problem with that is you work hard to build up your characters in your account. You don't want it to be that you just wasted your time. You cant get assistance when needed or you get banned for unsubstantiated reasons. Maybe Nexon needs to take this into consideration when they think about their customer service and banning practices.

  • Je
      3rd of Dec, 2007
    +2 Votes

    Their customer service is horrible.

    The Technical Help forum is full of confused and frustrated people cause Nexon won't help them.

    I uninstalled Maple Story from my PC.

    It's not worth my time anymore. Thank goodness I didn't give them any money.

  • Em
      4th of Dec, 2007
    +3 Votes

    I completely agree with this. People who purchase NX should know what they want before they buy it so its not their fault.

    The customer service is horrible. I experienced something similar. It was very recent too. I hadn't "mapled" in a long while and the other day I decided to go on. So when I went to log on I put in my ID and PASSWORD and when I went to put in my PIN it said I had the WRONG PIN! I was confused because I had not been on in months and some how my PIN was not the same. I went around the website looking for a way to fix this problem and I found the ticket thing. I want and "filed" a ticket. I waited one day and then I kept checking it. I finally realized that they had answered me but that it didn't help me at all. This is what they told me:

    "Customer Service will no longer be accepting pin reset requests. Due to misuse and abuse of this system customer service must assist other player issues at this time. Please be aware that we are working on implementing an automatic pin reset system that will allow players to reset their pins without the need for contacting customer service. This new system will require access to the email at the address provided during your initial account registration. An announcement will be made when this service is available. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this issue may have caused you and we hope to have this new service available very shortly. Thank you for your understanding."

    Well the thing is I dont understand. I really wanted to maple so I created a new account. I had to start from the beginning. It was frustrating to not be able to do things that I can normally do. They acted as if my issue was not important and basically blew me off! It made me angry and I plan to keep insisting until they help me out because if I stop trying nothing will ever be fixed.

    Well just thought I would let you know that I completely agree with you. Nexon is only in this for the money that they can make off of young 12 year old kids who want to look "cute" or "pretty" and buy all of this NX. I'm not saying I don't want my character to look "cute" but Nexon doesn't care about the people they only care about making money off of the people who play their games.

  • Jo
      4th of Dec, 2007
    +2 Votes


    If you re-read we said "If you have made a purchase of NX cash and don’t like the items available to buy then that’s not their fault as you knew what was available prior to purchase." We DIDN'T say at any time that it was their fault after the item is purchases.

    Please read carefully next time because you are making yourself look like an idiot maybe you were born ###ed.

  • Da
      5th of Dec, 2007
    -3 Votes

    Your right I did read it wrong that doesn't mean you have to go off with the insults, I'm not Nexon, I was kind of reading fast and somehow I read it as if you said

    If you have made a purchase of NX cash and don’t like the items available to buy then that’s not their fault as
    you knew what was available prior to purchase.

    Therefore I thought you wrote it as if you cannot see the cash shop items, yeah, if they disclaim all sales final this is completely legal.

    It's kind of funny that you go off on a whim and start insulting me on that line only? Why can't think of anything to come back to on my other statements?

    And you people act like it's Nexon's fault you got hacked, and your pin got changed, or you just flat out forgot it, set it to something you an remember. Like your birthday?

    Or you thought it'd be fun to play the "Drop Game" with someone and got your 1mil item swiped.

    As for the technical help yeah there are some quirks I can agree with that, but no program is perfect, I mean even your Web Browser crashes sometimes. Most of the time to get the game working it's, well to me, something simple the person don't know how to do or never tired.

    Maybe I'm just lucky cause I have a lot of computer knowledge, you said I'm a ### but I don't know of a lot of ###ed PHP/MySql programmers, if you know of any please forward them to me so we can engage in more interesting conversation. :)


  • Da
      5th of Dec, 2007
    -2 Votes

    By Pin Hacked I'm talking the only way that can happen is if you login to a Phisher site, and Nexon even says never give out your Pin the only time your ever asked for your pin in when you login to the game client

  • Jo
      5th of Dec, 2007
    +2 Votes

    I would like to see all your characters banned for no reason and then saying something like that. Makes no sense at all.

    Then trying to see why it was banned where there has never been a damn hack or virus in my laptop and then open a ticket and have it open for around 3 months.

    Nexon are ###ing lazy and i'm sure they have no line in their ###.. sitting on a chair all day watching hackers with nexon cash and they ignore them or simply they are friends.. but wait this person doesn't have nexon cash and it is instantly banned.

    Lets put the example of iLoLz (Bera), level 12x and i have seen him using hacks when there was the zakum quest exploit.


    I'm not going to reply to your post because i don't want another situation going on. I have enough with the ###ers nexon america, Inc.

    John Chi do something about this ###. <- Nexon America, Inc CEO.

  • Ma
      18th of Dec, 2007
    +2 Votes

    I agree very much that Nexon completely lacks customer service. Although their games are free to play, that is no reason to not provide any customer service.

    I've been trying to recover a friend's account for about a month now. I've tried calling and emailing Nexon, but received no reply from either. My friend resides outside of the United States, that's why I'm trying to help him. It would be costly for him to make international phone calls and many of them on top of that. Anyhow, Nexon never picked up when I call and I've been calling almost everyday for the last three weeks. I can't submit a ticket because I already have one open and it's still open since 3 months ago. About my friend's account, he was hacked. I would say it was his fault that it happened, but Nexon should help recover his account. Even though according to Nexon's ToS that they own everything that's in the game, including the accounts, I don't think they should cold-heartedly not care about other players' accounts simply because they are the owner and they can do whatever. Many players actually put in a lot of time and effort into their character(s).

    Regarding their lack of customer service, I really hope that they can improve on that. I don't completely understand or know their reasons or excuses for doing whatever they are doing, but if I'm Nexon, I know I won't want to deal with the arrogant, unreasonable, and childish MapleStory community. However, Nexon should find ways to reach out to their "customers" instead of shutting them out. Not all of us are arrogant and unreasonable children.

    For many players, most of the time it is their own fault that their account gets banned. Even if in your case, it's not your fault, I highly doubt Nexon is going to see one (or two or ten or a hundred) innocent players among the pool of idiots. Good luck with trying to recover your account(s).

  • Bs
      19th of Dec, 2007
    +2 Votes

    Questionable practices by Nexxon has been in the workings long before issues of tickets and other things.

    Being one of the beta testers I've seen and experienced many of things first hand.

    Customer service has always been lousy even up to this day. I recently put a ticket through questioning whythey provide cash shop items for purchase but not all can be purchased. Why they failed to describe within the cash shop items description that not all would have equal purchasing ability for certain things. In question was the "Character Transfer" The description says nothing about "IF your account has been blocked once" you cannot transfer. It's not until you enter your personal birthdate (as they claim for privacy reasons) that your get this message. My point is that they should be obligated to disclose this in cash shop to allow a user to know whether or not they are permitted to purchase before the individual deposits cash in their account for the sole purpose of transferring that character.

    Everyone knows that the game is launched independant of the website and I for one don't frequent the site on a regular basis.
    My ticket for this complaint was deleted within the day without explaination of any kind.

    When I changed service providers I requested a change of my email address properly included my account infor to them and explained to them and it is documented that my ISP at the time merged and therefore changed my email. I provided the information requested and again my ticket was deleted without any response. There was an instance where my son's account was hacked and stolen anda request for help was requested and no action was taken (this was before pin codes).

    The issues of banned accounts for hacking especially those of NX purchasers may have created some eye brow raising.This is why they stopped placing permanent bans on accounts. This in return relieves them of liability.Regardless of the situation they do not have the right to steal your money and quite frankly is what they did. Regardless of how they have it set up they denied those people what was rightfully theirs. Nexxon and Wizet may think they are above the law or some god , they are not.
    Misleading someone to believe they will get something specific in return for exchange of money is fraud. Simple as that. Any way you slice and dice it the bottom line is the same.

    For those of you who think this company does no wrong (ther are many) you may as well sell your soul to the devil.

    IF you make a complaint that they do not agree with , then you become a target. IVe seen this time and time again.

    There are many unethical practices by this company. If they would be a little more willing to address the issues wiht some kind of outcome or cummunication instead of focusing on the bottom profit line. There would be more understanding across the board. However, the fact that younger america makes up the large percentage of this game is ideal for them.

  • Bs
      23rd of Dec, 2007
    +2 Votes

    AS of this writing my level 115 Priest account has been permenately banned for what Nexxon calls "Charge Fraud"
    The facts are this. Nexon failed to properly disclose the restrictions on "Character Transfers". I deposited meny into my MS account just for that purpose to find out that they would not grant me the transfer.

    Icontacted NExon regarding this issue and they "Deleted" my ticket without any explaination. Since I payed through paypal I made a complaint, since they did not respond I chose to escalate it to have paypal make a decision.

    The $30 deposit in my MS account was untouched depending an outcome. Because I mad e this complaint they retaliated by banning me. Very interesting. They must like to steal.
    I deposited money into my MS account from a funding source which is registered in my name. My MS account name is registered in that same name and yet they say I committed charge fraud. The only thing I did do was make a complaint.

  • Ma
      4th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I was banned because " a gm witnessed me hacking" LOL....this company..somethings wrong with this character is level 139...and i was training with someone and they witness me the whole situation below.


    To Whom It May Concern,

    Hello, my priest -XxUnityxX was banned on January 2,2008. I was banned shortly after being harrassed by two hackers. They were vaccing on my map (under the map and on the ground of the map). I was not able to report (i am not quite sure if i did) the first because he was under ground but i was able to get a ss of him (powslapshot) hacking after (vaccing) on another map near the same area. After, i screenshoted powslapshot i went back to training...then i saw a weird glitched dragon on right side of map was higher than the
    usually priest not sure if it was a GM or lag on my part...and i was training with another priest so it might have been her dragon.
    I was able to report (with chat log) for the second vaccer (Harraser) that was on my map. I went to the website afterwards and sent screenshots (i took all the screenshots) of the hackers making threats to me "I'll leave the map only if you defame me". Me and my training partner ignored her and we just continued training. However i still am
    not cleared why i am banned...i was banned shortly after a GM visited my friend Majesticwizz (GM Vector) requesting him a favor for me to send in some screenshots. I sent in some screen shots (screen shots that i already sent ..i sent again..) and then i was banned by GM Shade.
    In one of the screenshots, i had typed the word "accing" in brown/buddy chat....that was a typo and was meant to be "vaccing"...which was suppose to indicate that the hacker was vaccing on my map (which might be a reason why i was banned?), no idea. You may ask me why a typo? simply because i had to take screenshots...i had to pot up, so i don't die...and i had
    to type...i was basically multitasking....and annoyed by the fact that someone- a hacker..that was vaccing on my the time of my double exp...i was training all morning...on and off....and i was banned for trying to report hackers that were trying to harrass me. Please unban my account and restore it in full...because i did not hack in anyway. Please GM Vector and together on this ticket...because there might have been some sort of mistake or mis-interpretation. Thankyou

    i have provided screen shots, please take a look at the links (if want in another format please let me know)...thanks

    P.S. the first vaccer harrased me the day before also...he defamed me about 15+ times...the
    screen shots are provided above with all his defaming mules...most of his characters/mules are not on ranking. (first link, harrasment at himes-dreamy ghost, second link-defame harrasment. please help me...all i was trying to ..was to play the game..i did not hack in anyway.

    i'm not sure if i can do this but..i will provide my phone # ....i feel that this needs to be fixed right away..because..4th job is coming out..and my goal was to be 150...before it came out...i have been trainin day and night ...legitly of course...and i have gained about 12 lvls (i have double exp cards) within the past 2-3 weeks..and i'm not dumb enough to go try out hacks and hack on a popular map and get myself banned after all the hard work that i have done..thanks.

    This note was premade....on January the 3rd of 2008.- XxUnityxX...Thankyou Again."


  • Jo
      10th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    this company is trying to acsess my paypal acct.saying i am paying for stuff ,30.00 four times ,never heard of this co.before now ..........

  • Ra
      13th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I posted a ticket about 4 days ago for server transfer, it says my account has been recently been blocked. AND I KNOW FOR A FACT that my account has never been blocked before. But when i try to make a purchase of a name change / character transfer it says I cannot because my account has been blocked before and that to check if it has been in the past 3 months. And I started around november. And i want to play with my friends on another server i paid 25$ and i cant even use it.. nexon is really horrible...

  • Pa
      14th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    I was also banned on January 13th, I aswell am in the same server as Unity, Here is my story at the beggining of the day I was browsing for a map at dual ghost pirates, after seen that all the channels were vacced I left to gobys, seeing all the maps full, I had went to repot, While I was repotting I become dced and a msg comes up. "You have been banned for using programs or going aginst the rules". I was listening to winamp at the time. My guess is they banned me for telling the hacker to stop hacking, sadest part of all I bought nx cash 2 hours before my ban.

  • Je
      14th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    This complaint is in regards to a game called Maplestory developed by a company called Nexon America, Inc. It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is free to play, but players have an option to purchase items through their store (which they call a "Cash Shop") using real money. As of midnight of 1/10/08, my account was blocked until 2/10/08 for allegedly "using illegal game programs or abusing game policy". To my knowledge, I have never used, taken advantage of or supported any illegal programs or abused game policy. I have spent $35 in cash shop item for myself and since these cash shop items are only good for 90 days, I am losing 30 days with this ban. I have read and re-read the terms of agreement from when I first set up my account and have not found anything that I have done to require them to ban my account. I have never hacked, I don't know how to hack and I don't care to learn how to hack. On 1/12/08, I submitted a ticket through Nexon's website stating my case. I received an update on 1/14/08 with a canned response which did give any detail as to why my account was banned. I feel that the day I made a purchase for their cash shop items, I became a paying customer and am being treated very poorly and have not received the serviced agreed to. Below is a copy of the correspondence between Nexon America and myself.

    Ticket 00135484

    Case Number 00135484

    Date/Time Opened 01/12/2008 08:10:48 AM

    Date/Time Closed 01/14/2008 10:38:01 PM

    Game Select MapleStory

    Category Account Related

    Sub-Category Banning / Suspension Inquiry

    Status Closed

    Subject Account has been blocked?

    Description Dear Nexon,

    As of midnight of 1/10/08, my account was blocked until 2/10/08 for "using illegal game programs or abusing game policy". This is very frustrating to me as I have not been warned or anything about any abusive game behavior. I have reported several game hackers and any other violators that I've seen in the game and have been a good Maple citizen. Please explain to me why my account was banned.


    Related Comments


    01/12/2008 08:21:39 PM | Jennifer Morris
    I have spent around $75 in cash shop item for myself and my family and they since they are only good for 90 days, I am losing 30 days and $25 with this ban. I would absolutely understand (and deserve the ban) if I was a hacker or harasser or advertiser or impersonator or scammer, but I have not done any of those things to violate the user policies. I have been scammed, I have been harassed, I have reported advertisers and hackers. I feel that I am a decent Maple citizen. Please help me resolve this and get my account back quickly. I don't know how to prove that I have not violated the user prolicy, but I wish I knew what I did to be banned. Please advise.

    Thank you,

    01/14/2008 10:37:48 PM | GM Vector


    Thank you for contacting Nexon America's Customer Support team.

    Your account was found using hacking software, benefiting from hacking software or making use of an in game glitch. Unfortunately, your appeal to have your ban lifted has been denied. Your account will not be released from its block.

    Please remember account holders are required to play by the rules of MapleStory.


    GM Vector
    Nexon America, Inc.

  • Jo
      27th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Nexon is run by children. They dont answer your "Email of Inquiry" and if they do they give you the run around like they have with my wife. She and I got married when the marriage system came out. There was a glitch where at the photo shoot we all were disconnected from the game. Since that happened, we lost everything, the ring, the effect, the present at the end since it was a premium wedding, and 30 bucks. Its been over a year now and nothing has been resolved. They did get back to my wife twice but then, right after Xmas, the email was wiped out with no reply from them. Now she opened her 4 inquiry for this issue and I have my 3rd inquiry now. When will they actually grow up and handle this. We are not children, so we can take legal action without a false threat. We should all get a petition together to make Nexon handle these rediculous problems instead of ignoring them.

  • Do
      30th of Jan, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I COMPLETLY agree. Maplestory is a free game but they use smart tactics to rake in money with nx cash. SO they should have GOOD customer service. Im really ticked off how i wanted to returned to maple since the nlc patch and i had alot of stuff on my 66 bandit. i look on rankings and my bandits gone..(wt[censored]) but im alright with that. The problem is that i asked to change my email so i can get a new pin cause my email provider service is dead and they STILL will NOT respond. Im getting pissed at there lazy @$$ service and i think i will just give up cause playing a game that cant even help you is just dumb.

  • Jo
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    +2 Votes

    if a gm is reading this comment, then i have sumthing to tell you.
    one of ur " loyal " gamemasters has exposed himself of all secret things that a GM wud hide. i know how all this works.

    1) GM's have endless amounts of mesos.
    2)GM's cud buy any item they want for just 1 meso from maple administrator

    3)GM's "hide" from people, as in...u cant see them, as in when u play, a GM in online and u cant see them, but they can see you.
    4)GM's are total [censored]

    oh..and one last thing..this GM i know is a friend of mine..hes only 13 years old and faked his way through into becoming a GM. He used his uncle's file, this file has his uncle's records of being a computer technition and a programmer. This " GM " abuses the power he has. Oh...and one last thing...send me an email so i can send u further more details of this fake.

    - I totally agree with this, GM's and their customer survices are total [censored], and wont do a thing if something happend to u, i agree 100%

  • Sh
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I purchased an item with my nexon cash for 30 days and it charged me for the 30 days But when i Went to check It says only 7days which I do not get and it makes me very angry

  • Sh
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    0 Votes

    I just purchased a couple of items with my nexon cash and bought them for 30 days and it charged me for that amount but when I went to my items it says only for 7 days which I do not get and it makes me very frutrated

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