[Resolved] NexGen Tax and Accounting Services / company refuses to refund $7,495

5 Saint George, UT, United States
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Below, you will find my complaint against NexGen Tax and Accounting, 162 N 400 E Bldg C, Suite 301, St George, Utah 84770. Registered agent listed as Tjjk Consulting Inc, of the same address.

I signed a contract with NexGen Tax and Accounting Services of St George, Utah, on February 2, 2018. The agreement was for access to their Corporate Credit Builder Program, and they charged my credit card $3, 500.

I had previously signed another contract with them on January 26, 2018, with a charge of $3, 995. That agreement was for filing my 2017 personal and business taxes, and preparation of business formation paperwork for my LLC.

I did not receive the approved documents for my LLC from the state of Nevada until March 20, 2018. The Corporate Credit Builder would not allow me to proceed to Step 3 without the EIN (employer identification number) which was part of this paperwork.

There are a total of 13 modules in this program. Steps 6 and 11 required me to establish a business bank account and a business line of credit. I applied for both types and was denied. I found out that my credit score was lowered because of the charges made by NexGen Tax in the amounts of $3, 995 and $3, 500.

I submitted several other applications to open a business bank account and establish a business line of both instances, no approval was forthcoming because of my lowered credit score.

On April 3, 2018, I submitted an e-mail to NexGen Tax requesting a partial refund of the $3, 995 and a full refund of the $3, 500 charge. I received no reply from them.

One week later, I telephoned NexGen Tax. One of their "owners" informed me that I would not receive a refund because I had not given the program enough time. I told him about my credit situation, but he refused my request.

I then submitted several more business credit card applications, with the same results. If anything, my credit score suffered additionally because of these submissions.

On June 12, 2018, I e-mailed another request to NexGen Tax for a refund. Again, I received no response.

I telephoned NexGen Tax on June 19, 2018. One of their associates told me that refund requests get forwarded to the owner, Kale Goodman. I left several messages for Mr. Goodman, but he did not return my call.

Both contracts have a three-day cancellation policy in which to obtain a 100% refund. After the three days, the return would be based on services rendered.

I believe I am entitled to a full refund of the $3, 500 charge, as I could not have possibly found out about my credit score until after March 20, 2018. That was when I was able to proceed to Step 3 in the Corporate Credit Builder. I was unaware of the need to apply for a business bank account until Step 6 and a business line of credit until Step 11.

If I would have known about these requirements sooner, I may have been able to request a refund within the three-day period. As it was, their Corporate Credit Builder hindered my access to further steps, in effect delaying my ability to request a refund until April 3, 2018.

I also asked for a partial refund of the $3, 995 charge. One of the services on this contract included the creation of a "Custom Tax Plan." The document is unusable to me because I could not establish a line of business credit.

I am using the same theory for this request. If I had known about the business credit issue, I might have asked for a full refund within the three-day cancellation period.

I have done everything in my power to resolve this issue, including e-mails and telephone calls. NexGen Tax has made no effort, to date, to do the same.

I respectfully request that NexGen Tax and Accounting of St George, Utah, take this complaint seriously and try to resolve this issue to the satisfaction of both parties.

Signed and Dated:
Donna L Wakenight
June 20, 2018

233 Topaz Lane
Mesquite NV 89027

Phone #:

Company Name:
DLW Online Solutions LLC

  • Resolution statement

    On June 20, 2018, Kale Goodman contacted me about the complaint that I submitted against NexGen Tax and Accounting Services of 162 N 400 E Bldg C, Suite 301, St. George, Utah 84770. In that conversation, we came to a compromise on a partial refund of money paid to NexGen Tax and Accounting. I have agreed to the terms that they offered and would like to rescind my complaint. I am satisfied with the results of this compromise. Signed and Dated: Donna L Wakenight June 20, 2018

Jun 20, 2018

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