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Do not purchase anything from this company! You will be sorry.

Not to be confused with other ny dress companies - new york dresses, 209 west 38th street, ny, ny [protected] - http: / / www. /

I purchased two dresses from this company. One of the dresses did not look like the picture of the dress that was on the website. It was also very cheesy and cheaply made. I phoned them and told them that i wanted to return the dress for the reasons stated. They said that i could not return it. I told them that i would dispute the charge with my credit card company. They then gave me an "ra" number to return the dress. It has been two months and the credit still has not been placed on my credit card.

The second dress that i purchased is ill fitting due to the way the dress was improperly sewn. It too does not look like i expected it to from the picture on the website. I phoned them about this dress and they said, "too bad, " no returns. They stated that they know for certain none of their dresses are defective and they will not take this dress back. They stated that they refuse the delivery of anything that does not have an "ra" number written on the package.

There are so many dress companies out there that will take a return if a dress doesn't work out as long as the tags are still on it. If you are buying an expensive dress on - line do you really want to take the chance that if may be defective, not fit, or you simply don't like it and you cannot return it?

Unfortunately they stated on the phone prior to placing the order that the dresses could be returned under their christmas return exception but it was a lie to get the sale. I never buy anything from a place that has a no return policy. That speaks volumes to me. If you sell good products why don't you stand behind them. ?

In this bad economy do you really want to risk doing business with this company. They now have one of my dresses and the money i paid for it.

I have purchased dresses of better quality and better prices from saks on - line, neiman marcus on - line and nordstrom on - line. All of which i had the option to return for a full refund or exchange should i need to.

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  •   22nd of Jun, 2017

    Why no one show us the awful dresses as they said.
    I need to buy from this website but I'm a little scared.

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