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New Id And Burlington Makeover / Photo Shoot / Exorbitant Charges and very poor service

1 14 John Princes Street, London W1London, England, Greater London, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 0844 800 8884

I bought my daughter a Makeover/Photo Shoot package through Red Letter Days, she really enjoyed the makeover and the shoot on the 6th October 2010. We were encouraged to take out an extremely expensive photograph package, by a very persuasive 'gentleman' and were promised prints, albums etc. would be delivered in 2-3 weeks. Over 5 weeks later they were received. My daughter was excited, but that was short lived when she realised they had not re-touched the photographs as promised and photographs in the album had been duplicated. I contacted the company immediately and was told they would reorder them and they would be with us in 2 weeks time. They were not received I called back and asked to speak to the Manager Saika Zafar she promised I would definitely receive them by the end of the next week (Friday 10th December 2010). Of course they did not arrive, yesterday 15th December a CD arrived, we viewed the CD to see the new photographs, but much to our horror they were somebody elses photographs. I contacted New ID again today 16th December and was told I could not speak to the Manager as she was 'in a meeting' and she would call me back. She didn't so I called again and this time I was put through to her. I told her they had been given every opportunity to put the matter right and they haven't and how appalled I was to have received photographs of someone else this being a breach of privacy and confidentiality. I expressed my concern that my daughter's photographs had been sent to someone else. I said I was really upset and did not now want the photographs after this catalogue of errors and could she cancel my contract. She said she couldn't do that, so I asked to have the name and address of the owner/owners of the company so that I could contact them, she replied she was in charge and that the owners lived abroad. Basically to cut a long story short she was not interested. She said if I cancelled my direct debit it would be passed onto a debt collecting service. I am appalled that this company can take huge amounts of money off people and then renege on their side of the deal. I suggest that no one uses this company and that Red Letter Days should stop selling their packages. I have a set of photographs that are not mine and I would really like to forward them onto the rightful owner. The Manager did not seem at all worried that they had sent out the wrong photos, but I put to her that they could have been nude or semi-nude. I plan to put them on Facebook to try and locate the owner/owners and explain to them how they managed to be in my possession.

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  • Cu
      22nd of Mar, 2011
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    We are sorry to hear that you have not enjoyed your experience at New ID Studios. Please contact our Customer Solutions Team on 0121 634 6622 who will be happy to assist you further

  • Go
      11th of Sep, 2012
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    I cannot agree more. This place is shocking. The prices they are asking for the photos are beyond exhorbitant and they try to justify the daylight robbery by saying they are "exclusive" in a snotty tone. You walk in there, there is no champagne, no fizzies, no snacks, no VIP service, just ridiculous prices, and an overly busy, stressful, cattle call approach to clients and noisy atmosphere. Shocking. Don't waste your time buying any of these vouchers by pushy sales staff. The most wasted 6 hours of my life to date.

  • Lu
      22nd of Feb, 2013
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    Totally agree. The hard sell at this "experience" was distressing and upsetting. Hair was rushed, make up was awful and as for the photos- hated all of them and felt so uner pressure to buy. Never ever again.

  • Ky
      10th of Apr, 2013
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    I went to the birmingham studio on 5th November 2012 and I am still waiting to recieve my photos. I have emailed and rang them at every opportunity I have with no luck. I also have asked to cancel my order and again they say they cant do that. I am really annoyed that it has taken 6 months. Apparently they got sent out in December which I dont believe because I would have recieved them unless someone else has got them. I am going to ring them again today to see what else they say

  • Ac
      2nd of Mar, 2014
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    Me and a friend had a complimentary make over/ photo shoot etc last week. I was not offered a manicure or facial as promised over the phone. When I asked for my manicure, it was a poor effort at nail varnish only. My hair looked awful after they had finished so I styled it myself. My friend was so unhappy with her hair and make up, she cried... We were not offered any wine/ cheap fizz at all. Then we were bullied in to buying photos from the manager. They told us that we received a free photo each. However, This was not the case. You have to pay £40 for pnp and touch up! And you were not allowed a group photo unless you paid £50 per photo on top of the other money. So out if my £60 deposit, I HAD to spend £40 minimum to get out if there alive. I ended up getting three photos (which I didn't really want) overall just very disappointed. Wish I hadn't have bothered.

  • Vi
      9th of Jun, 2014
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    I've had 2 bad experiences with Burlington's. I bought a voucher from them at the end of June 2013 which entitled me to haircut, temporary colour and blowdry at £36 for 12 months. After making my first appointment with them, I did ask them whether I needed to present the voucher at any point and they confirmed that they had my details stored and I could just ring up and make new appointments. I've recently tried to rebook with the voucher and they wouldn't let me rebook at the same price because none of my details had been stored at any point in the customer service process and they can't (won't) tell me when my voucher began. They spend a lot of time recruiting new clients with promotional offers but then as soon as they stop benefiting from the promotions as their numbers and upsells increase, their customer service levels plummets and they suddenly claim that the onus is on me to keep a scrappy bit of paper for 12 months to prove I am entitled.
    Second experience was a makeover. Apart from the bullying to buy photos which I had to hold my ground in order to just get away without paying more than the £50 deposit, there was nothing in the whole experience that was similar to the description. I was offered over the phone (they had my details from the voucher then clearly) and then confirmed by email "a facial cleanse, tone and moisturise, champagne and cocktails, hair dry-style, you get your nails done-paint and polishing, makeup application and a one-hour masterclass teaching you hot to do your makeup. £50 booking fee is refundable on the day, unless you chose to spend it on photos, but you get one picture each for free 7X5 size, regardless of whether you keep the deposit or not. If you chose to spend your deposit you get one more print."
    On the day, I received a dry hair styling, make up application, and the photoshoot. The one hour masterclass I was told was NOT on offer during this promotion which was blatant mis-selling. When I asked what happened to the nail polish they suddenly offered a quick once over. When I complained regarding this, and pointed out that champagne and cocktails hadn't happened either and the whole thing was nothing like the email, I was given a glass of sparkling grape juice to enjoy right at the end when the image editor was trying to coerce me into buying prints. I wasn't allowed to get a refund.
    I wouldn't bother with this salon, I wouldn't go there with or even without a promotion. The stylists and managers are under pressure to upsell constantly and are not that interested in looking after you. You end up feeling very stressed just to get the minimum customer service and not be treated like cattle.

  • Me
      11th of Jul, 2014
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    I had a makeover at New ID a few years ago. There was a lot of waiting around and the manicure was just a rushed nail polish which didn't even dry in time before the photos.
    After the shoot there was a lot of waiting and a backlog of people in front of me. It was closing time so the sales person didn't really try it on other than to offer a second pic in exchange for my £25 deposit. I received the 2 pics quite quickly in the post but just the printed A4 versions. I did go in prepared to stand my ground (having read previous reviews) so maybe that vibe came across to the staff there!
    A couple of years later I get texts asking if I want to buy a CD for something like 50 pounds before all my photos get permanently deleted. I also got a call and text today asking if I want a free makeover. No Thank you. Unfortunately my sister got done one rat a Envy London :(

  • Mi
      14th of Aug, 2014
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    I am fuming that it has cost me £5.47 in phone charges just to book the makeover, then £100 deposit for the shoot and then I will probably have to spend hundreds to get a few prints. It was bought as a gift so i felt obliged to go but really I think its a big rip off!

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