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New Hampshire LR Mastiffs / Begging to take dog and then going crazy

1 mastiffsofnhlrmastiff@comcast.netNew Hampshire, United States Review updated:

My friend Sent this breeder an email one time in regards to a English Mastiff puppy, Got an email back answering my questions. Her next email that I received was quite odd as she was begging me to take this puppy, and continuously asked for me to take the pup. Getting a bad feeling about her as a breeder I asked her to no longer email me and make a long story short asked her a third time and she seemed to have stopped. But today I received and email from her stating " LMFAO at you" Translation was that she was laughing her f'ing ### of at my friend and the rest of the email I would rather not share. A friend of the family has sent a complaint to the AKC as well. The fact that she was begging in every email for my friend to take her puppy is odd and she the emails that she sent where she was extremely rude in them and she blames it on her headache and medications. I was not comfortable with getting a dog from her after the second email. I Do not recommend her to anyone

Jul 24, 2015
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      24th of Jul, 2015
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    FYI the person above meant to say I will let my friend tell the rest of the story

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      8th of May, 2016
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    Wow, whoever you are, you, your friend maybe they thought you'd be a good candidate for a home for there pup, I am astounded at this report. I know this breeder, bought pup from her 12 years ago and just got another because of her excellent reputation. I've spoken to over 8 others that bought a pup and we're all so happy getting from her. All pups are extremely healthy, eat top name brand foods, spend all day and nights wight the pups. Makes sure me/buyers no everything that needs to be known. Gave us there pione number and there vets phone number, references phone numbers of other buyers, takes exceptional care, excellent clean and sanitize living area for all the puppies. The puppies are number one priority in the house. Both husband and wife took care of them like they are there own children.
    Myself and my friend bought one from them and am delighted to have the chance to have another of there puppies.
    She had one pup I noticed wasn't there so asked about him and she had to have the pup stays overnight at a emergency clinic and you as I do, they are crazy expensive.
    She told me he was there 3 thousand dollar pup due to the clinic cost and they paid the bill but still sold at her going price. As she told me, 5 days after her was home, he was gaining weight and was a very strong and lovable puppy.
    The puppies are cared for 24 hours a day by both. Don't know why she was so put out by rhe seller. I know both are very loving people.

    She watches the pups when mom feeds then for protection of mom rolling on one.
    Wash towels, sheets, blankets constantly.
    They told both of us, if we had any questions or conserned not to worry, call her any time, even if it was 3 in the morning.. We were so comfortable with all that was said, I had no problems.
    They bought from AKC puppy brochures with all kinds of info in it plus gave us a copy of the litter certificate so we can look up the names and taught us about how to read it.

    The person that wrote in on her as far as bugging, I still say she must of been a good buyer and really wanted her to have one of there pups and I do feel she overreacted on the report her..

    Today everyone uses LMAO and other...
    It seems they didn't end up with one of there pups and I'm so happy they didn't cause they don't deserve a well cared for, extremely healthy, lovable, playful pup, caring folks like them.

    I'm still shocked that person went so far to right them up. I feel as though they are rude buyers themselves as buyers, selfish, ignorant, snotty, picky, folks..
    Maybe if they made it clear that they really didn't want one, she wouldn't of kept calling. I feel you probably led her on in thinking you really wanted on.
    She has beautiful dogs, healthy and as I said feed them top quality food plus so many veggies and fruits plus puppy supplement milk which is very expensive.
    They gave there whole house to the puppies so theyre never in a kennel, which are germs containers, held them all the time, kissed and loved them totally.
    When we finally went to pick up our puppies, she gave up tons of toys, books, and made sure we new everything we need to know. Made us bring a puppy crate that fits the pup for safety while driving.

    So now you tell me who's the one here that's wrong...
    God, I'm glad they didnt get a pup from them.

    They're top of the rank in breeding...

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      15th of Jul, 2017
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    ELAINE GORDON 7909, 4135 MASTIFFSOFNHLRMASTIFF@COMCAST.NET she is mentally ill never do business with this women first she buy you products and then call the bank and do a charge back. never ever do business with her and do not ship her any product, this women is mentally sick, she will then threaten you ship more products or she will call bank and file a dispute also. if she buy any product from you simple cancel her order, she also got multiple facebook accounts and then she will write bad reviews about you on multiple Facebook groups.. so think twice if you provide any services to her

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