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Nevada Corporate Headquarters GOES BY MANY DIFFERENT NAMES like Nevada State Corporate Network or Zapper Credit Special to avoid the blogs and complaints written by all the victims they have SCAMMED.

I am a small business owner who was taken by the THIEVES at NEVADA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS for $4, 000 of my hard earned dollars. I heard their ads and called them for more information

Nevada Corporate Headquarters told me if I paid them $4000 they would form my corporation and get me loans for my business through my corporation without me having to use my personal credit.

Nevada Corporate Headquarters LIED. I left messages for their manager but NO ONE AT NEVADA CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS BOTHERED TO CALL ME BACK. I HAD TO DISPUTE THEIR CHARGE WITH MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY . Those Sons of ### at Nevada Corporate Headquarters were willing to lie and say they were performing a service in order to KEEP MY MONEY. I AM STILL TRYING TO FIGHT THEIR CHARGE. Those cheaters at Nevada Corporate Headquarters sure know how to run a SCAM.


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  • Nevada Corporate Headquarters is the worst Las Vegas Telemarketing Scam. I told Nevada Corporate Headquarters I wanted to file an LLC in my homestate. The salesperson was very pushy and convinced me the only way to protect my family and my business would be to buy two corporations. They would set one up for me in Nevada and the second in my homestate. Of course to do this would cost me an additional $800.

    I paid Nevada Corporate Headquarters a total of $1800.00. I learned later that they badly overcharged me.

    Nevada Corporate Headquarters did a horrible job of setting up my corporation. They took a month to even file the paperwork and when they did file it they did it WRONG. I ended up having to hire another company and pay them $750 to fix the mess Nevada Corporate Headquarters had made.

    Nevada Corporate Headquarters is a total SCAM and a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME.

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  • De
      Jun 19, 2018

    @Nevada Corporate Headquarters Scam Sir...I was about to sign up with this company in July just happen to run across this tryi g to do some research...who do you recommend that is legit????

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  • De
      Jun 19, 2018

    @DeniseEwin Wow I'm self into getting a d signing up for a INC...So sorry for the waste of time who do you recommend to start you business papers????

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  • Da
      Oct 04, 2010

    Nevada Corporate Headquarters, Inc. (NCH) is a scam founded by two of the biggest scam artists in Nevada and Utah, Cort Christie and Derek Rowley. Stay away from these two folks. I was a former employee. When Christie and Rowley had their own tax return company connected with NCH and NADN (National Audit Defense Network), the tax returns were 99% fraudulent. In fact, I still have copies of these fraudulent tax returns in my possession.

    The story gest worse as you dig deeper into Cort Christie and Derek Rowley. Did you know that the investigation includes money laundering, which is currently under federal and three state investigations, including Derek Rowley's home state of Utah?

    I have in my possession three tax returns that verify my charge. L.L. Bradford, a local Las Vegas, NV accounting firm signed off on two of these tax returns when I was hired by that firm. L.L. Bradford's interest with Cort Christie's Nevada Corporate Headquarters is verifiable, as well. L.L. Bradford's complicity with the Christie fraud is in my hands, at the moment, ready to turn in to the Nevada Board of Accountancy.

    My advice is to sat away from Nevada Corporate Headquarters and Corporate Services Center in Reno. NV.

    I am a CPA and attorney in Cedar City, Utah. My information is verifiable as to the fraud and foreign money laundering that Messrs Christie and Rowley are involved in.

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  • Fr
      Dec 03, 2010

    Wow Arlene your comment sounds so fake your obviously a shill employee for NCH...

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  • Cl
      Nov 17, 2017

    I worked for this organization for over 12 years The level of service and support was unmatched in this industry. I have worked for other organizations in the industry so I know this to be factional.NCH has never went by the name Nevada corporate state. Not once did we sell Zapper Credit.

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