Naturalite Pro Pte. Ltd (Nice Point) Hot Lips Hair Curler / terrible product and no customer service

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Naturalite Pro Pte. Ltd/Nice Point
Phone: [protected]
I bought a Hot Lips hair curler from Naturalite Pro/Nice Point (Tanjong Pagar branch). Took it home and it kept turning itself off. Took it back the next day and they said to leave it with them to check. After several days, I went back and they told me that they didn't have stock of the same model to replace and suggested that I top up for the next model up. Not too happy, but still I did. Used it for 7 months and one day it acted up again. So I took it back to the shop and they checked it and said, yes it is not working. But since the 6 months warranty is over, they cannot do anything about it. Suggested that I take it to an outside vendor to get it fixed. I went to the one they suggested and the vendor said nobody will/can fix these coz each individual brand has their own parts. I called the Naturalite again and basically they said nothing they can do. So effectively, they are suggesting that I throw it away. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT (it breaks down constantly) OR FROM THIS COMPANY (they do not have any customer service to offer solutions for your problems). Naturalite is only interested in taking your money!!!

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