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Nice website, all kinds of advertisements etc.. however, we ordered some Natural oils. 3 different types. One is a low grade "hinna" which smells like boiled hotdog water, i wouldnt put this perfume on my worst enemy. second was some "sandalwood" which someone in our comunitie's wife said it smells like nailpolish. The main thing we ordered was Oud a.k.a Agarwood, which is one of the most expensive oils (it is an Absolute oil) in the world. We baught roughly 100 grams, which was slightly over 500$. The other two were just to see what they were like. The descriptions of these were all very well written and did not describe what we got at all. We honestly thought the shipment was incorrect and they made a mistake, not quite.
So Mr J.K Saini said in reply that give it a week as it is a fresh batch and it needs time to mature. Good enough, we waited more than a week. Then he said ok if you want i will send you a batch that is to your liking. So 5 emails later, he said there is a holiday here for the weekend, festivals and what not (which we checked into and it was only a day that we could find ie Independance day).
Throughout this experience we were treated horribly and ignored half the time.

We would be waiting a few days for a reply, so I would email him from another email account asking him about something and i would receive a reply RIGHT AWAY! To which he emailed the original account to tell your friends to stop abusing /harassing me. I think he was just angry that we caught him trying to ignore playing the I'm not in right now game.
Anyways so we finaly said we just want a refund, because we are not going to wait and wait for this shipment to come, and he emails us back that I will be happy to answer any inquiries to resolve the issue... which is just another way to ignore the issue.
When we acused him and mentioned his Email's signature of Ghandi about the importance of the customer, he deleted it on the next email and even in the reply of our email he took it out, i dont know if he thinks he is destroying evidence or what.

We truly think he is just trying to fluff his way past 30 days so he can say "oh im sorry that 30 days are up and your refund is expired"
We will continue to expose this person and his so called business until justice is met.

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  • Je
      30th of Jul, 2012

    Similar problems, this gentleman also has three different websites for his one business. Perhaps this is how he dodges so many issues. My review and pictures are under this website name: LALA JGDISH PRASAD & CO.
    Beware I took out loans to start a new business. This man friended me on Facebook and suddenly when I had a problem he disappeared. Real phony. I will be begging paypal to reopen my case.

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  • Je
      4th of Aug, 2012

    The owner will pretend to work with you if you drop your case with paypal. He will not. He sent the same exploded materials and will not take back his trash. Luckily DHL is very upset and they are not sweeping this under the rug. Paypal too has been responsive and wrote to him. That was the only other time I heard from him. If you are interested you will be so sorry. There are so many reputable companies that actually care and want return clients. "White Lotus Aromatics" sells amazing wholesale supplies and you can sample their products at a fair price. The quality is exceptional. They will take the time to discuss how fragrances are extracted etc.. What a huge relief to find such a oasis.

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