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I am on the national do not call registry. This company repeatedly calls me in an effort to scam me in to buying a warranty. The call begins with a recorded message, in a semi-threatening tone, warning me that I have been contacted repeatedly about my expired car warranty and this "is the last opportunity I have" to purchase an extended warranty.

Each time that I pretend that i'm interested, which is simply my attempt to reach an actual person, as soon as I ask them what their company name is and to speak with a manager they hang up on me. It infuriates me that scam companies like this somehow manage to contact me, despite my being registered on the 'do not call' registry.

The number that flashes on my cell phone is: [protected].

Feb 3, 2017
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  • Me
      10th of Jan, 2018

    I have never reported anyone, but i've had it with national dealer services. my husband and I receive several calls per day from national dealer services stating this is our last call for extended warranty. these calls have been going on for months. we polity requested our name to be removesd from their call list. this request has not been honored, and we are still receiving the calls. now, we are both beginning to get rude when they call. if I knew who to report them to and file a lawsuit for the harassment, I would do it in a heartbeat.

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  • Je
      10th of Apr, 2018

    @Menielsen I have the same problem I even blocked them on my cell phone they just use another number I have 300 blocked calls from them and two today 04/10/18

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  • Ch
      5th of Mar, 2018

    I too have been getting a couple phone calls each day for months from national dealer services. when they call, they are using a local cell phone number that belongs to someone else, so calling the number back that they called me from to complain is not an option. the automated message says "this is your last and final call from us to offer you an extended warranty" so in the beginning I figured they would stop calling eventually, but the calls continued. one time, I stayed on the line to be removed from their call list, but they did not provide that option. another time they called, I stayed on the line as if I were interested in their services. finally a human answered. he started off with no introduction that provided the company's name. he said my name is devan (I think) and I need the year, make and model of your car to get started. I asked "what is the name of your company?" he stuttered a bit, but I finally made out that he said, national dealer services. I asked what their phone number was and he continued tripping over his words, saying something like "we will just call you". I said, "no, i'm trying to get your number so I can contact someone that can remove me from your call list". he then hung up. I am now furious. the nerve of them to call me over and over, during my busy work day, not provide an option to be removed from their call list, then to hang up on me when I try to get information from them! how disrespectful! I have very little extra time, but situations like this makes me want to file a harassment law suit. I searched the name "national dealer services" and found two numbers: 877-233-7569 and 800-531-8722. I will be checking into filing whatever I can against them, within reason, to find some resolution. anyone know of a class action law suit against them I can be included on?

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