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Nation Wide Advertisising / Total scam

1 United States
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I was initially solicited by phone in early 2007 to advertise on a placemat being made for a local restaurant. I initially agreed to do it and gave them my credit card #. After that, I got an erie feeling, so I called the restaurant at which time I was told they talked to this company (Nation Wide advertising) but they told them they did not use placemats and didn't want them.

I then called the company, who was at the time calling themselves Coast to Coast Advertising, and told them of my conversation with the restaurant and told them I wished to cancel my ad with them. This was all in the same day, so it's not like it had gone to print or anything. And this was all over the phone. I had not, nor did I ever send them a copy of my business card for a print copy.

I was charged by the company anyway, so I disputed the charge and got my money back. I thought that was the end of it. UNTIL, Oct 2008, I found a charge on my credit card from Nation Wide Advertising for $164.90. I called to see what it was and was told that my acct from 2007 had never been canceled and that my agreement was for a yearly recurring charge. I argued with him (Mike Weylan) to no avail. So I disputed the charge with my credit card company. They issued a temporary credit on Jan 8 2009, then NWA rebilled my acct on Feb 4 2009 for $169.90 and rebutted the dispute with falsified and fake documents. My credit card company reversed the credit they issued me based on these falsified documents as proof, though my signature does not appear anywhere on these documents. I am now disputing their rebuttal, as well as the additional charge for $169.90, as well as sending complaints to the BBB and Attorney General.

Mike Weylan is likely ripping off thousands of business owners nationwide with this place mat scam of his and most people likely don't even realize their credit card is being recharged year after year.

And by the way, the ad copy they say the printed on the placemat for my business, and sent a copy of to my credit card company, was completely manufactured, with numerous mis-spelled words. Grooming was spelled Groming (not just once, but twice). Leicester (my street name) was spelled Leischeister. I obviously NEVER approved that ad copy. This is a total scam.


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