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BIG BIG BIG scam!!! I called to ask them what colleges are they accredited to and they just sent me to a site ( which is fake as well. I called again and asked them again, then they told me I had to pay a $600 to legalize it by the government because there's a lot of fake high school sites. They have the nerve to say that being a scam themselves. All this was by the so called live chat they have on the page. So I got furious and I told them off nicely. I told them you "you guys actually get paid for scamming people?" and they responded yes, and hung up on me. SUPER FAKE SCAM.. I really want to do a lawsuit on them but that also costs money to pay lawyer and everything... STAY AWAY BIG SCAM!!! I wish I could have recorded it.

Aug 28, 2014

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