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Hi All,
My name is XXXXX and I am writing this note on behalf of my friend who was fooled by Myconsoft two months back only.
Mycon did not process my friend’s h1 transfer even after taking $1500. My friend is being threatened by Mycon that if he posts his feedback on social sites like immihelp, glassdoor etc, mycon will not only reveal his passport and other informations on the social sites but also will send legal notice to him for defaming Mycon. Mycon also mentioned that my friend will not be able to get job anywhere.
He is very upset but cant share mycon’s story due to the threat given by Mycon.
To be very frank, it is not only Mycon who has cheated my friend but my friend only did not use his brain and could not understand how cunning mycon is.
We tried to convince him many times that he should not go with Mycon as this company was looking as fraud with the way it was behaving, but my idiot friend was frustrated to go to USA as he was unable to find any other employer in India.
My friend has already lost his $1500, but I am writing mycon’s feedback so that people like him should not be fooled anymore and must avoid going with Mycon. My friend did a six months research before he opted for Mycon, Arun Sharma and Ritika will behave as if they are the only well-wisher of you in this world before you pay $1500. But once you have paid $1500 then they will not promise anything on email. They may/may not call you to promise you anything but will never give anything in written.
Guys, I believe that it was mistake of both – Mycon who fooled my friend as well as my friend who was dying to go to usa.
I am writing few events which happened with him, its upto you now how you comprehend the whole episode.
- My friend who had approved petition and valid stamping could not get chance to fly through his current employer. Mycon first approached him in Oct2013 for H1 transfer with an offer of $65-$68k. My friend did some research but decided not to go with Mycon and started finding other employer who could sponsor his visa transfer.
- My friend could not find other employer who could send him to USA meanwhile Mycon contacted him again in March.
- Mycon gave an offer to my friend but on email. They said that once my friend deposits $1500, then only offer letter will be given (Awkward isn’t it? However once my friend submitted $1500, they gave him offer letter of $82k with NO signature on it)
(Warning – A company which was offering only $65-68k earlier, suddenly agreed to pay $82k)
(Warning – How come they are not giving offer letter unless a person submits $1500)
- After few emails were floated around, MYCON said that they have an urgent opening in USA and client cant wait for so long. My desperate friend paid them $1500. Now once the money was paid, scenario changed completely.
- First they asked my friend to sign a document which says that your $1500 will not be refunded in any scenario. My friend who dint have any option, had to sign it.
(Warning – T &M were signed after money is paid ??)
- After requesting many times, Ritika sent him one page offer letter with no signature on it.
(Offer letter without signature ? Also u cant avail a single leave for atleast one year as per the offer letter)
- Mycon then asked my friend to resign because they had an urgent requirement and my friend had a notice period of 45 days. So my friend resigned as money was paid and offer letter had come.
- Ritika who was calling 3-4 times in day to get the money, suddenly gets busy and does not respond before 4-5 days.
- Her Indian manager Arun and USA manager Andy Neil (Actual name is different) become so busy in client meetings that they could not get any time to start with your visa transfer.
- Finally after my friend begged them to start his transfer process, they filed his LCA after 15-20 days of money transferred.
- However they never sent a proof whether LCA was filed or not.
- Later on they said that my friend’s LCA process (which took $3500 according to them) has been denied and they can not proceed with my friend’s application and asked for balance $2000.
- (Please note that actual LCA filing does not take a single dollar and Transfer process had not even started)
- Now the biggest twist : Mycon said that if my friend really wants to go to USA, he will have to pay another $3000. Mycon will again process my friend’s application on highest priority and this time LCA wont be denied. (They knew that my friend is serving notice period and had no other option)
- This time my friend dint gift them $3000.
- Everytime my friend asks for his money, Mycon either asks him to pay a balance of $2000 or $3000 if he wants to proceed with his visa transfer.
- Mycon has my friend’s all information and they have threaten him that Mycon will reveal his passport information and other details to everyone in case he begs his money again.
- My friend who has 11 years of working experience is still looking for job after two months of this fraud.
Guys please don’t believe Ritika(fake promises on telephone only), Andy (fake name) and Arun(fake personality).
They have 1bhk office in Kalkaji New delhi. They have even smaller office in a town near Boston.
Also, when my friend said that he will complain to USA authorities, Andy and Arun laughed saying that they will not even entertain Indians.( from previous such experiences ?? )
If you are in USA, then u may still think to go ahead with mycon but if you are in India, don’t ever entertain this company.
Guys, its all your decision now as every case and experience is different. We can just share our experience. That’s all.

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Aug 03, 2014
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  • Ga
      Sep 04, 2014

    I think you need to check the details that you are providing as I have
    very good and pleasant experience with Mycon, I got my H transferred
    through them last year and the process was very smooth and quick how can
    you say that the persons names are fake, I personally met Arun and
    Ritika, they both were very helpful and courteous but they cannot help
    you at all if you provide false information as they always insist to
    give the correct details only. If in your frustration to go to USA you
    provide false details then NO company would be able to help you, I know
    at least 5 people in my acquaintance who have had their H1 successfully
    transferred through Mycon and 2 of them are under the process of GC
    getting done through them and all are very happy.


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