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I went to Margery Overman for a Ragdoll kitten. I was told I was putting down a deposit on a blue bicolor lynx cat with nose mismark which was why he was pet priced. As he grew older I grew concerned that he was not any of those things. It turned out he was a Seal mitted with blaze (no lynx). I told Margery that was not what I was promised she decided to transfer my deposit to his brother that was exactly what I had been looking for. I agreed to pay the $70 more because he was a show quality cat. It was around that time that she started to ignore my emails and not want to talk to me. She was updating photos of the previous kitten but not the one I had put a deposit on. Finally I got so worried my husband called her and she told him that she decided to keep him and my deposit was in the mail. In the mean time I had purchased a collar, name tag etc for this cat. I called her and asked her why she didn't at least call or email me to tell me and discuss it or the possibility of getting another kitten from her new littler. Her response was and I quote "well, I thought about that but well, yea" "I reserve the right to well change my mind" were her exact words. I did get my deposit back but her method of going about this is really sad. A reputable breeder does not treat people like that. I had visited that cat twice and I was very much attached to the kitten. She shouldn't have agreed to let me have that kitten if she wasn't willing to let him go. I was also not pleased that she bad mouthed me on facebook by saying I was a bad person for not taking the seal mitted that was not what I had asked for. I would watch out for this breeder. She is not reliable and not dependable. She does not honor her agreements. I would suggest going to a more reputable and experienced breeder.

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  • Lo
      1st of May, 2012

    This woman that posted this comment is giving a very inaccurate account of the transaction. True, she did refuse to take the kitten advertised as "mismarked" that she put her nonrefundable deposit on, in spite of having constant updates on it's development. The one time she came to see it, her one-year-old's wild behavior made the kitten she reserved act cautious. So she did demand to have the deposit transferred to a kitten that was not-for-sale. This was not the original agreement and therefore the deposit was returned within days of her refusal to accept her reserved kitten. She only visited her kitten once, the day she refused him. I disagree with her version as I was there.

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  • Un
      1st of May, 2012

    I demanded nothing. I asked for my deposit to be transferred to a blue kitten which I had asked for. She agreed and went back on her word. I have moved on. My review is simply to bring awareness to her lack of people and business skills.

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  • Am
      22nd of Jun, 2016

    i agree with this because i constantly see her kittens posted for sale and the colors she claims they are ... arent correct ! Before breeding you should learn the genetics i am sure that after this i will have more complaints but if there is no proof or they are untrue i guess it dont matter ! i am an honest person and will admit to things i do ! i am in this for the breed not the people or $ !

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