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I am currently being stalked and harassed by an employee of this restaurant, Sara Mangus, and her husband, Jason Michael Mills. It has been months of them spreading filth in my name, threatening to kidnap my infant daughter, editing my photos with 'crack whore' type descriptions, threatening to have me raped/murdered and thrown in the Willamette River, and so on.

I reached out to My Father's Place after discovering that much of the harassment is occurring while Sara is at work, using company wifi to carry out her attacks. I received a rather nonchalant response, leading me to believe that this restaurant just doesn't care. I highly suggest avoiding this establishment until they make an effort to employ mentally stable individuals.

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Jul 29, 2016
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  • An
      Oct 11, 2016

    Sara Mangus Mills scammed me out of $475 on tumblr. It's been 3 years and no refund yet.

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  • Sa
      Oct 28, 2016

    I thought I would add a public notice for any unsuspecting individuals who are considering employing these individuals.

    It has come to my attention that Sara Mangus the Scamming Schizophrenic and Jason Michael Mills the Convicted Sex Offender are departing Portland, Oregon and running away to Los Angeles, San Francisco California to try to escape their past... once again.

    (Sara has moved from Pennsylvania to New Mexico to Washington to Oregon trying to hide from her horrid past and escape all the people she's scammed and done wrong in the past.)

    Sara Mangus was fired from My Father's Place (Portland, Oregon) after stealing money from the cash register and threatening to physically harm a fellow employee. Jason Michael Mills claimed to be employed by Integra (Vancouver, Washington) but a quick email to their company reveals that he does not work there and hasn't in quite some time.

    Sara Mangus has an extensive history of scamming people on the internet and defrauding the government by committing foodstamp fraud. She also has an infamous reputation of cyberbullying people on the Internet, dating back to as early as 2002. She has been convicted of drug dealing and criminal harassment in the past.

    I would advice everyone in the Los Angeles, California area to exercise extreme caution when dealing with Sara Mangus or Jason Mills. Both are mentally unstable and have a history of violence, drug use and theft. Beware!

    These two scammers are rumored to have moved to the San Francisco Bay area. Most likely Palo Alto/Oakland/Sunnyvale/Pitsburg/San Ramon/Menlo Park

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  • Sa
      Apr 15, 2018

    She is going by Sara Mills now and lives in San Francisco California where she claims to be a marine biology student!

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