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Eric Johnson is employeed at My EZ Auto Broker in Mount Vernon, Ohio. In 2008 Highland Banc and Eric Johnson (loan officer) were sued by the Ohio Attorney General and the Ohio Department of Commerce for violations of the Ohio Homebuyers Protection Act, the Ohio Mortgage Broker Act, and the Truth In Lending Act. The complaint alleged that Highland Banc committed unfair, deceptive and unconscionable acts and practices by failing to disclose fees and entering into transactions with individuals who did not have the ability to meet the financial obligations of the transaction. The court ordered included $141, 865.17 in consumer restitution an civil penalties of $75, 000 against Highland Banc and $25, 000.00 against Eric Johnson.

I suppose it is possible My EZ don't know about Mr Johnson being sued for violations of the Ohio Homebuyers Pritection Act, the Ohio Mortgage Brokers Act, and The Truth in Lending Act. Mr Johnson has previously worked as finance manager for another local auto dealer so I assume My EZ simply does not know about My Johnson being sued.

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Dec 28, 2014

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