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First, let me state never ever never ever lose your mychase paymentcard. It is a nightmare! Ok i was told i would get a replacement card sent to me express by mail, never happened why i told the astrophysics i spoke with that my company was severing the paycard option with them on the 11th of feb this was the 6 th! I was suppose to be sent my card today! If never called i would ve been waiting like a ### for something that was never coming! I have bills up to mmy eyeballs and my car might be repo'd - - - - thanks to the donkey who didnt listen - oh so now i have to wait 7 - 10 days for my money. This why i didnt mess with regular banks because of the hoop jumping for i dont know - - my darn money in the first place.
Thanks seriously screwed!

Feb 10, 2015
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      Feb 23, 2015

    It was bad enough that Inbox Dollars, the organization that I've been dealing with, sat on my $27 payment for "processing" for over two weeks before sending it to JP Morgan Chase to place on a payment card. It was issued on February 11, and I was initially told by Inbox Dollars that the card would take 7-10 days before it would arrived. On February 18, I called Card Services and was greeted by some Sri Lankan (or possibly Filipino) call center rep who told me that it was actually 7-10 BUSINESS days, and by their math it was only the 5th day. I was upset, but I let it slide and hung up, thinking I should receive it on Friday, February 20--the 7th day (actually 8th because the Post Office DOES RUN on Saturdays regardless of what Chase's timetable states). Alas, no card. I checked the mail Saturday (Day 9--still no card). So today, Monday, February 23, I check the mail again and still no card. Now keep in mind, today is the tenth day...because I repeat, since the mail goes through on Saturdays, SATURDAYS DO COUNT!!! So, I call them again, and got fed a bunch of bologna about today only being the 8th day. After trying to get a more cogent explanation of this timetable by the agent, I asked him a very simple question: Where are he cards mailed out from? To his credit, he stayed on message and professionally cited security reasons for not being able to divulge that information. I found that odd because all I had to do was log back onto the Inbox Dollars support page and found an address for Chase Card Services--a post office box in Jacksonville, Florida. If the address is such a well-guarded secret, why does one of your clients have it posted on the internet in plain sight? Now, according to, it takes only 3 to 5 business days for first class mail to be delivered from Florida to New York, NOT 7-10 OR 9-12 COUNTING SATURDAYS!!! Last Monday, February 16 being President's Day does not enter into it. I should have received my card way before now. So, I have to ask Chase Card Services whom do they think they are fooling? By my count, I've caught Chase in two lies. The only logical explanation for why they "cannot"guarantee delivery prior to the tenth day" is because they had not sent out the card on the first day. I would not be so upset about having to wait this long if firstly, as I said before, Inbox Dollars had not initially taken so long to "process" such a meager sum of money, and secondly, Chase Card Services has not been pushing back my receipt of their payment card by playing Fuzzy Math. Time and again, JP Morgan Chase has proven itself to be run by crooks of the highest caliber for decades; they stick it o their customers both coming and going, and this has got to stop!

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