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We bought a car from My Car Motorsports Sdn Bhd, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

For a start the manufactured date of the car was not as advertised but was the year it was registered in Malaysia.

Talking to them brought only fake smiles and pretending it was us who misunderstood them and also we are better off with this car as it is supposedly free from major defects than some other cars they had selling for the same price.

Well our car had some problems. They advertised it with a one year warranty. What did Jack do? He passed me on to his people for help but it turned out no one could solve the problems like a real mechanic which means their advertised warranty was also baloney.

So much time wasted after going through hell with them giving us the run around and either he or someone else too busy to attend to us.
In the end I had to bring it to a professional mechanic who informed me the car will cost me around rm25, 000 to repair. The alternative is if I brought it to the authorised car centre in Malaysia, it would cost me rm35, 000.

Jack Lim, Tham, Kelvin Poon, Desmund and all the Chens are connected to the company who clearly conspired to create fake reviews and praises on facebook to lure unsuspecting car buyers like us.

My Car Motorsports Sdn Bhd

Feb 04, 2017
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  • Vf
      Feb 05, 2017

    You took risks by buying a re-cond car. Basically a re-cond car is a nicer name for used car. You cannot blame anyone but yourself by buying a used car. You cannot expect a used car to work as good as a new car. The used car dealers are here to make profit and not to take care of your welfare. Once they took your money, you are on your own.

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  • Jo
      May 18, 2017

    In any other country the above behaviour would be illegal.

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  • Jo
      May 18, 2017

    I was here 15/5. Cars are not what is advertised. Ad says 'Excellent condition'. Car was crap. Biggest bunch of losers I have ever see. Car advertised as extremely low Ks. went there. 300, 000 k on the clock. would not pay these guys a cent. If they lie about this take anything they say as fake. Terrible.

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  • No
      Aug 07, 2017

    Is this real? Just wanted to know is this car seller cannot be trusted?
    I went last Sat for viewing BMW car, conditions all look good.
    Therefore I paid booking fees.

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  • Su
      Aug 28, 2017

    @Nono mama i am also planning to visit their shop as i saw some good BMW ads from them in Mudah. How was your dealing with MY CAR?

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  • Ju
      Oct 18, 2018
    Best Best Advice

    @Suyen Feeling pretty CHEESE OFF!

    I discovered that the mileage of the car I bought for my son was tempered with. After purchase, we sent the car for servicing and discovered that in the year 2015, the mileage was already recorded at 128, 411. I managed to get hold of the previous owner of the car to find out what was the actual mileage when he sold the car to My Car Motorsports. Encik Kamarul informed me that the mileage was in the region of 180, 000+. When we bought the car, the mileage was showing only 76, 000+. I have documents to prove the actual mileage and I would like My Car Motorsports to get back to me on this matter as I feel that it is my duty as a citizen to get to the bottom of this and warn the public of any malpractices.

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  • Ga
      Jul 27, 2019

    @Judy Voon Hi Judy,
    How do you solved this?

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  • No
      Nov 03, 2017

    My car was OK, but the customer service by the salesman here is just terrible. Unresponsive, not-friendly and always over-promised. They are only concerned about money, not customer satisfaction. Glad dealing with them is now over. NEVER BUYING HERE AGAIN. No matter how good the deal is.

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  • Az
      Aug 11, 2018

    Yes. I went there too and the salesman is terrible. Really annoying. Cassa Auto in front them have a better salesman but their car price quite higher

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  • Na
      Aug 21, 2018

    The Sg Besi autoworld has a very very bad reputation. So bad even car dealers move out as affected by the rotten ones

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  • Pa
      Dec 28, 2018

    Do not rely on maycars motorsports’s warrenty...if at all there is a problem they provide you with a list of what is covered..and usually the problem is a car off them recently and regretting the decision

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